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Free EP: Stik Figa & Oddisee – From The Top EP Stik Figa And Oddisee Continue To Collaborate, Release Five-Track Free EP

Free EP: Stik Figa & Oddisee – From The Top EP Stik Figa And Oddisee Continue To Collaborate, Release Five-Track Free EP

The EP:

Riding the success of “From The Top,” the first single from the Mello Music Group compilation, Helpless Dreamer, and his mini-documentary released earlier this week, Stik Figa is treating fans with the release of the Oddisee produced From The Top, a brand new five-track EP – for free.

The EP starts out with the groovy, funk filled “Hot Mess,” with Stik jumping right in the mix, spitting confident barbs while detailing his own dedication to the game as he raps, “I guess you asleep I was busy writing songs/ Turn the mic on, lay a vocal like a pipe bomb.” Aside from the brags and boasts, Stik keeps it personal throughout the EP. “This is me, and this is where I’m from, love it or leave it,” says Stik Figa. “I’m coming as I am, and this is the music that accompanies that feeling.” The Topeka, Kansas rapper addresses funny money issues on “Bucket,” while touching on the struggles of life in his hometown on “Running Away.” “Topeka is a mid-sized blue-collar conservative city in the mid-west, so as a young black man, my childhood could at times best be described as awkward and isolated,” says Stik.

Matching Stik’s stylings step for step, Oddisee continues to show off his wide ranging production abilities, utilizing dusty drums and string, horn, and guitar chops throughout to create a multitude of mood-altering backdrop for Stik’s musings. “The production Oddisee provides makes these moments fully realized moments,” says Stik. “I’m excited for people to hear it, it’s somewhat of a coming out party.”

Stik Figa and Oddisee will also be releasing their own currently untitled album together in 2011. Stick Figa is also working with long time collaborator D/Will to release their album together titled, Crown & Coke.

Download From The Top here

The Background:

“From a small Kansas town in the county of Shawnee…” -Stik Figa. The Midwest landlocked state of Kansas brings a few images to mind: yellow brick roads, tornadoes, cornfields and a dog named Toto. But rapper Stik Figa hopes to change the perception of the plain state with good, honest hip-hop music. Born in Ft. Campbell, Kentucky, John Westbrook, Jr. grew up in Topeka, the capital city of Kansas. While he lived in Topeka’s central neighborhood of Elmhurst friend Tiwanne (RIP) gave him a copy of GZA’s Liquid Swordz. Stik found the record abrasive, dangerous, introspective and smart. The experience changed how he viewed hip-hop and made him want to contribute. And contribute he has. Independent heavyweights El Da Sensei, Blackalicious, MURS and Phat Kat have all chosen Stik to open shows with his energetic flow. He’s a member of many respected crews such as Fyte Club (Memphis) InnateSounds (Kansas City) The O’s (Topeka) and Fly Boy Club (Wichita). Stik draws on a southern style mixed with a Midwest flavor. His first southern influence came from his parents who are from Arkansas and Tennessee. His mom even contributed to his moniker after she commented on his thin frame. She told him he looked like a stick figure. His other southern roots come from experience. Stik has performed in Virginia Beach, Va., and Tampa, Fla., where he won talent shows and battles. His southern stint honed his craft on the stage and molded him into what he is today. Stik claims Memphis, Tenn., as his second home. He says places in the south like Memphis helped to develop his style as likeable, down-to-earth and honest. “My music is meat and potatoes with a focus on skills and honesty, something sorely missing from today’s current market,” Stik says.

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