Vakill – Armor of God Freestyle Trailer video

Vakill – Armor of God Freestyle Trailer video

Vakill’s “Armor of God” album has been heavily anticipated since it’s initial announcement and leaked tracklisting. The finishing touches have been made and the album & videos are in the can. Heavy preparation has been made to make sure the album is an event for 2011. Confirmed appearances include JUICE, Rhymefest, Crooked I & Nino Bless plus production from Molemen and Jake One.

As a teaser for his upcoming “Armor of God” album, Vakill drops a freestyle trailer. A cappella is just the calm before the storm and a subtle warning of what’s to come. The crown don’t move.

Same Rebel, New Cause

Same Rebel, New Cause (Deluxe Edition) brings together the kind of music you come to expect from an artist like Scheme. Quality is the name of the game. With 14 solid tracks, Scheme solidifies his place in the ever growing Hip-Hop genre. Guest appearances include Mikkey Halsted, Emilio Rojas, Astonish, Add-2, and many more. The production is handled by Dario, Panik (Molemen), QB & Nascent, Wes P, J-Rell, Maja 7th, Trumaine, Evolve One, and Bump Bailey. The record is at times hard hitting and intense; at other times it’s retrospective and laid back. Same Rebel, New Cause (Deluxe Edition) demonstrates the direction Scheme is going in with his craft. He understands and feels comfortable explaining where he’s been (Same Rebel), but he also realizes where he is headed and how one’s art must progress (New Cause). From the feel-good record which is “Straight Up” to the heartfelt lyrics on “Just Maybe”, Scheme delivers effortlessly. Scheme’s still the same rebel; he just has a new cause.

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