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Braintheft (Live Dubstep) EP – Released December 8 2010

Braintheft (Live Dubstep) EP – Released December 8 2010

Braintheft are a live Darkdub/Dubstep band from Ireland and based in Berlin. The band was formed in 2008 in Berlin. Developed from the sounds of Dubstep, Dub & Triphop, the creative force of Braintheft is constructing a wall of sound combined with Heavy Bass lines, Breaks, Samples and full live instrumentation. Braintheft’s live set ranges from down tempo Dub/Psychedelic to heavier, darker styles of Dubstep/D’n’B and has impressed audiences everywhere.


In the cold dark Winter of 2008, Braintheft began performing at house party’s and underground Dubstep nights in Berlin. It didn’t take long for word to spread about this unique new “Psychedelic Dub Sound” and before long Braintheft were playing in some of Berlin’s most respected music venues and festivals. By Summer 2009 the band began to collaborate with various vj’s to set up a live Audio/Visual show using a mix of video and abstract footage to add to the live experience. After successful tours in Germany, Ireland, and Czech Rep. Braintheft are touring Europe relentlessly bringing filthy bass and breaks to those in need.


Braintheft’s debut EP features tracks recorded with Berlin based Dub producer “Al Dubb” in Planet Earth Studios as well as a collaboration with “Uzul” (Kaly Live Dub) and borrowing the mastering touch of L’Oeuf Raide (Jarring Effects). After already making some tunes available for sneak preview or free download, Braintheft are currently in production of their eagerly awaited debut album due for release in Spring 2011.


14.01.11 – Zapata, Berlin, DE
22.01.11 – Zoro, Leipzig.DE
24.01.11 – Kassablanca, Jena, DE
25.01.11 – Cross Club, Praha, CZ
26.01.11 – Velbloud, Cesky Budejovice, CZ
27.01.11 – Channel Zero, Ljubliana, SLO
28.01.11 – AKC Medika, Zagreb, CRO

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