Midnight Juggernauts ‘The Crystal Axis’ In Stores Now


Aussie dream-pop trio Midnight Juggernauts have had an exciting year filled with endless touring around the world – and having produced a plentiful supply of videos, limited edition vinyls, remixes and creative shorts for their fans, the band finishes out a successful 2010 with the release of their highly acclaimed LP ‘The Crystal Axis’ IN STORES NOW across the USA with Siberia Records / Red Eye Distribution.

Order your copy of ‘The Crystal Axis’ off iTunes and Shockhound now.
Order the limited edition double LP vinyl of ‘The Crystal Axis’ from Acephale here.

The band have already released a collection of singles online, as well as a special edition 12″ gatefold vinyl through Acephale Records – releasing a very special single EP earlier this month as well for ‘Lara V’S The Savage Pack’ (download above) which includes, an incredible selection of killer remixes from LOL Boys, Kisses, PVT, Electric Six and Plastic Plates as well as a brand new video shot frame by frame using 2000 pieces of printed paper – if you haven’t already, check it out here. (Video directed by Lucinda Shrieber and Beatrice Pegard).

Keep watch for some very exciting news announcements with the Midnight Juggernauts in early 2011!

“Midnight Juggernauts..wades through the murk of drugged-out disco and seventies prog-rock pageantry” – The New Yorker

“This may very well be the Midnight Juggernauts’ Dark Side Of The Moon” – SUP Magazine

“It’s a melodic, borderline hypnotic trip that conjures everything from low-tech horror sounds, tribal beats, and the ’70s-era atmospherics of Frank Zappa and The Doors.” – Interview Magazine

“Knotty arrangements of alternately poppy and moody tunes suggest Pink Floyd gone new wave; chugging guitars skank around gloriously garish mellotron choirs and cosmic Moog ooze.” – SPIN Magazine

“Midnight Juggernauts continues to push the boundaries of sound with their layered synthesizers, looping melodies, and the general sense that they went to guitar class in outer space.” – NYLON

“The whole thing could be the soundtrack to a reimagining of Flash Gordon, knowingly kitsch but impressively singular of vision.” – BBC Music

“Cosmically synthetic, subversively euphoric” – The New York Times

“Like a marsupial MGMT, blissfully out to lunch” – SPIN Magazine

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