Q-Unique – Mr. Lopez video from Between Heaven and Hell

Q-Unique – Mr. Lopez video from Between Heaven and Hell

Artist: Q-Unique
Song: “Mr. Lopez”
Album: “Between Heaven and Hell”
On Fat Beats Records

Directed By: D-Stroy
Cinematography: Kevin Chung
Edited by: Kobina Baffour
Producer: Corey Roberts
Producer: Mr. Moe (Alumbra Films)

iTunes “Between Heaven and Hell” Review
Back in the late ’90s New York indie-rap heyday, the Arsonists were one of the most exciting and revered acts around, city-raised B-boys known for neck-breaking beats, razor-sharp lyricism, and explosive live shows. Q-Unique was one of their standout members, and though the group has been disbanded for many years, he continues to release quality music on his own. His second solo joint following 2008’s Vengeance Is Mine, Between Heaven and Hellfinds him keeping it real to the utmost, refusing to concede to current trends by changing up his dense wordplay or ear for relentlessly rugged production. His storytelling verses tackle everything from pre-Giuliani NYC (“Crack Era”) to small-time robbery gone bad (“Mr. Lopez”), while getting a hand from co-conspirators such as Ill Bill, Slaine, plus Arsonists homies D Stroy, Freestyle and Jise. This is music for people who still like their hip-hop grimy, and preferred Times Square with more peep shows and less Applebee’s.

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