The Niceguys – “The Good Shepherd” Houston’s Own Hit The Big Apple For The Latest Video From The Show

The Niceguys – “The Good Shepherd” Houston’s Own Hit The Big Apple For The Latest Video From The Show

The Video:

September 28th saw the release of The Niceguys’ debut album The Show with “The Good Shepherd,” serving as one of the first few singles to drop. Since, both the single and the album have been met with outstanding reception, and so, to give fans something special before the holidays, The Niceguys are excited to release the second official music video from The Show.

Shot in New York, while the guys were in town for the CMJ marathon this October, rapper Yves Saint, DJ Candlestick, and producers Free and Christolph venture through the streets, neighborhoods and subways of the Big Apple. And true to his word, Yves is the good shepherd in this video; the New York native leads the group around town, even taking some time to touch down in his home borough, Queens. (Look out for his childhood pictures to make a cameo!) Moving into the New Year, The Niceguys are planning a number of additional visuals to accompany The Show, and are currently in the process of shooting the video for “Toast.”

Watch “The Good Shepherd” here

The Niceguys – The Good Shepherd video

Directed By: Danny Ocean & King David
DP: King David
Editor: Danny Ocean

The Background:

The Niceguys epitomize the law of dynamics. They stimulate development and progress, and they also thrive off their own original ideas. The Niceguys’ MC, DJ, and Producers consist of four young men by the names of Yves (MC), Candlestick (DJ), Free (Producer), and Christolph (Producer), respectively. Experiencing The Niceguys’ chemistry live on stage is when the audience can witness that there is more to the group than meets the ear. The guys’ personality and talent, as well as the lyrical content of their music, combine to provide a feel-good atmosphere for whoever is around. Having released The Green Room EP for free download in late 2009, The Niceguys have been quickly garnering attention from writers, bloggers, and tastemakers alike. The Niceguys’ debut LP, The Show, will be dropping in the fall of 2010 via The Pi Group.

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