Monkeytown Records Announces Release Of Siriusmo’s Debut Album, Mosaik, Out March 1st


After two years of hard work, Siriusmo (aka Moritz Friedrich) is finally ready to release his debut album, Mosaik, March 1st on Monkeytown Records. This album follows the release of Siriusmo’s phenomenal two-track single, “Feromonikon / Signal”.

As an artist who has been around for almost a decade, releasing dozens of singles and EPs on various Berlin-based record labels and remixing artists including Scissor Sisters, Gossip, Chikinki, Simian Mobile Disco, Boys Noize, Digitalism, Chromeo, A-Trak, Munk and many others, it’s about time he released his debut album!

Siriusmo, who grew up listening to Stevie Wonder, The Beatles and hip-hop, and playing organ in a 70s inspired band, is a graffiti artist, ghost-painter and illustrator. Mosaik reflects all the different aspects of his personality and strongly shows his interest in various art forms and genres of music. For Moritz, the sound of Siriusmo should be futuristic. Not like our current understanding of the future, but more like the version of the future painted in the 70s: exaggerated, improvisational, colorful, extravagant, open-minded, sometimes trashy, but never cheap.

Mosaik will be released digitally, on CD, and 2xLPs. The vinyl version includes four exclusive bonus tracks, while the CD comes with edits of specific songs and two exclusive tracks. The CD version is the only format that includes “Nights Off,” a true highlight of Siriusmo’s first EP, “The Uninvited Guest” for Monkeytown Records in 2009.

Listen to/download Siriusmo’s “Mosaik

Mosaik CD tracklisting:
01 High Together (Album Version)
02 Feromonikon (CD Edit)
03 Sirimande (CD Only Bonus Track)
04 Call Me
05 Mosaik
06 Bad Idea
07 Lass den Vogel frei!
08 123 (Album Version)
09 Idiologie
10 Einmal in der Woche schreien
11 Good Idea
12 Nights Off (CD Only Bonus Track)
13 Peeved
14 Feed My Meatmachine (CD Only Bonus Track)
15 Goldene Kugel
16 Signal
17 Red Knob

Mosaik 2xLP tracklisting:
A1 Mosaik
A2 Tierpark Berlin (Vinyl Exclusive Bonus Track)
A3 Goldene Kugel
A4 Peeved
A5 Lass den Vogel frei!

B1 High Together (Album Version)
B2 Someone Died (Vinyl Exclusive Bonus Track)
B3 Call Me
B4 Red Knob

C1 Ideology
C2 Einmal in der Woche schreien
C3 Feromonikon
C4 Traum (Vinyl Exclusive Bonus Track)
C5 Take Five (Vinyl Exclusive Bonus Track)

D1 Bad Idea
D2 Good Idea
D3 123 (Album Version)
D4 Signal

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