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MP3: Roach Gigz – “Hold Up” feat. J Stalin Latest Track From Roachy Balboa 2 Provides Strong Concept and Development

MP3: Roach Gigz – “Hold Up” feat. J Stalin Latest Track From Roachy Balboa 2 Provides Strong Concept and Development

The Song:

As the January 4th release date of Roachy Balboa 2 inches ever closer, Bay Area emcee Roach Gigz continues to leak tracks off the forthcoming free mixtape. The latest in the series of leaks is “Hold Up” and features a guest spot from Oakland’s own J Stalin, who has stayed busy by releasing more than four albums worth of material in the last year, including the lauded Prenuptial Agreement on SMC Recordings.

This latest single features the rapper’s signature high-energy delivery but, much like with his last leak, “The Dopest 2” the beat is more electronic and less pervasive than those featured on the original Roachy Balboa. The song also contains a strong narrative based around the driving factors behind one’s need for wealth and financial stability that climaxes in a hook, sung by Roach himself, and lines like, “We all chase the same thing, vain dreams/ If your money talks, I’mma make mine scream,” while also injecting anecdotes “Trust goes missing/ Do it for the love, don’t do it for attention/ Do it for your blood, don’t do it for the leeches/ They don’t got your back/ When you’re trapped, they’re speechless.” With this track, Roach has assembled a strong concept, guest spot, and strong verses, all showcasing the depth and development of his skills as an emcee.

Roach Gigz’ Roachy Balboa 2 will be released January 4, 2011.

Download “Hold Up” here

The Background:

Selected as one of 106 KMEL’s Top 10 Freshman Rappers of the Bay Area, 21-year-old San Francisco native Roach Gigz has gone from virtually unknown to one of the hottest artists on the West Coast in just four years. Born and raised in the Bay Area Roach was conceived in Nicaragua during the Contra and Sandinista war. His father was a supporter of the Sandinista Liberation Front and has never lived in the United States but Roach’s mom moved to California and raised him as a single mother. Needless to say his upbringing was very complex so being a white rapper in a predominantly Black and Latin dominated business is not an issue for Roach. “I’m just being myself and I think my fans see that. It ain’t about race; it’s about the music.”

Named after a combination of the character Roach from the movie Next Friday and his high school days dancing skills, Roach Gigz first gained local fame with close friend Lil 4Tay as one half of the group Bitch I Go (B.I.G.). Now, with two successful mixtapes under his belt Roach is currently preparing his debut album, tentatively titled Therapy Sessions, which is scheduled to be released this fall. The album is shaping up to be a very personal one. Roach says the music will touch on the ups and downs of his life from the struggles he’s been through growing up in the Bay to the birth of his newborn son.

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