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Three time Hip-Hop Juno Nominee DL Incognito & Len Bowen announce tour dates for Western Canada

Three time Hip-Hop Juno Nominee DL Incognito & Len Bowen announce tour dates for Western Canada.

On Wednesday, February 2nd, URBNET recording artists DL Incognito and Len Bowen will begin a 10 date Western Canada hip hop tour.

Now with his fifth and latest release “Some Day is Less Than a Second Away” being issued this spring on URBNET, some are saying that DL Incognito is one of the best MCs Canada has ever produced. The three time Juno Award nominated artist dismisses such talk with a shrug, but as he tells it, there’s a solid base behind his inspirational artistic output. “I look at my music in the same way Porsche looks at automobile design,” DL says. “I keep trying to improve on the things that have allowed me to build a strong grassroots fanbase. I think it’s just evolution over revolution — the little changes that I hope will perfect my original ideas.” DL Incognito’s original ideas were manifested in the freestyle ciphers and mix-show pyrotechnics of hip-hop’s 1990s golden age, when microphone skills meant far more than a contrived Hollywood image and to show and prove was all an MC needed to make the people move. “I’ve always been a big fan of Nas and Q-Tip,” DL says unashamedly.” Those are probably the two artists that have influenced me the most. Just like me, they strive for longevity and it’s clear that they’re both still relevant in hip-hop today. I think that’s what it’s all about, having lyrics without always preaching and also staying consistent.”

Winnipeg based Len Bowen is touring in support of his fall 2010 debut release “Long Story Short (EP) now available on URBNET. The Canadian rapper’s sound is the fine line between hip hop’s golden age and the unknown territory in which this culture is now headed. Len Bowen’s music is what you miss about hip hop and what you look forward to hearing.”Im a throw back to rhymers who made you tune out the beat”. Rhyme to Bowen is like science and mathematics. He’s an addict gliding over beats…killing 16s. The flow is smooth yet complex. He gives so much of himself in every verse. Len the stranded emcee, lonely and left with fire beats to rock. The future is hot. Stay tuned.

Upcoming Canadian Shows:

Feb 02: Techtwelve DJ date – 1st love Wednesday’s @ Barcelona (Formerly @ Tunnel)
Feb 03: Whistler – Moejoes w/ Kyprios – Online ticket link
Feb 04: Vancouver – Fortune Sound Club (Early show): Online ticket link
Feb 05: Kelowna – Oasis Lounge w/ Son Real
Feb 07: Jasper – Athabasca Hotel
Feb 08: Canmore – Drake Inn
Feb 09: Edmonton – The Pawn Shop
Feb 10: Calgary @ The Bank
Feb 11: Lethbridge @ Tongue & Groove
Feb 12: Fernie @ Bulldogs

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