Naughty By Nature – Flags video featuring Ice-T

Naughty By Nature presents: “FLAGS” starring Ice-T (LIFE CUT)

Naughty By Nature – Flags video featuring Ice-T

Naughty By Nature “FLAGS” featuring Balewa “Bilal” Muhammad & Jaheim –
Starring: Treach, Ice-T, Marc John Jefferies and Dennis Johnson

Produced by Naughty By Nature for Illtown Films
Written by Treach & Directed by Jay Rodriguez & Rock Davis for Itchy House Films

Stay tuned for the “Death Cut”… coming next week.

One reply on “Naughty By Nature – Flags video featuring Ice-T”

This video is sooo real. I enjoyed it much! I can relate to the entire song & video. Treach Ice-T they all did a fab job. I lived that life as a female. I overstand. The drug game, doing time in the Federal & state prisons. I’ve been shot stabbed. Im thankful to be alive now. I’ve turned my life around thru trial & error; the hard way. I now give back to my community thru public service. I’m currently in college. My plan is to obtain a BA degree. It’s important that we spread love amongst one another. The street life leads to life in prison or death. Regardless of your situation. You can come thru if you try to change your life style w/positivity. Positive people, places & things bring about postive results. I lived the street life. I did 9 yrs in prison I know what’s it about. What changed me is believing in myself. And wanting better for my future. I new I never want to back to federal or state prison. I know I’d like to encourage others to make a postive change from my experiences. No matter what you may go thru in your life. If you work towards a better life it will prevail believe me I’m proof. Just belive keep a postive out look and take steps in the direction of a better way of life as I’m doing daily.. Encourage others along the way and you to can make a difference in your life and others. Wishing u all the best Nikki Powell.

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