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Vancouver’s Louise Burns to release debut album Mellow Drama on Light Organ Records

Vancouver’s Louise Burns to release debut album Mellow Drama on Light Organ Records.

Vancouver — British Columbia-based singer-songwriter Louise Burns is set to launch her solo career with the release of her stunning debut album, Mellow Drama. The album will be available on CD, vinyl and digital download on April 5th, 2011 from Vancouver’s Light Organ Records. Mellow Drama will be preceded by the Buddy Holly-meets-Joe Meek inspired single “What Do You Wanna Do” which will be available as a 7″ single that will also be available digitally on February 1st, 2011.

Louise Burns and the Moonshiners will be performing live in Vancouver on February 1st at the Railway Club.

Louise Burns applies her influences across the board on Mellow Drama. It’s an album that weds ringing clarity to emotional truth over 11 originals and one gorgeously wrought cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Gypsy’s Wife”. Even in the circling, endlessly recursive swirl of the Mazzy Star-esque “Clean” or the minatory shoe-gazey ballad “Ocean Grey”, Burns and her production cohorts Dave Ogilvie and Kevin James Maher keep it trim.

“I’m really obsessed with ‘50s and ‘60s pop music and rock ‘n’ roll – that’s my favourite thing in the world,” says Burns. “There’s no bullshit. They didn’t have access to all these whistles, bells, and autotune, and no matter what you do with it, it’s just a good song.”

Burns plays nearly every instrument on Mellow Drama which finally opens the book on a personality that was submerged during the artist’s long apprenticeship years. She has been a desperately sought bassist who co-founded all-girl, twice Juno nominated rockers Lillix at the age of 11 and who has played ace wing-person to a slew of Vancouver bands ever since, most notably for her blood-sisters in the Blue Violets.

Vancouver’s Light Organ Records was founded by Jonathan Simkin of Simkin Artist Management and 604 Records. Jonathan recognized the city’s growing need for a strong independent/alternative label to focus on the region’s wealth of talented non-mainstream artists. Light Organ Records’ roster already includes pop-duo The Zolas, the soulful Adaline, the timeless Louise Burns, the folk-influenced Adrian Glynn and power poppers Sun Wizard.

Mellow Drama Track Listing:
Chinook (Sing From The Valley Of Doubt)
Burning Bridges
Teen Angst
What Do You Wanna Do
Drop Names Not Bombs
Island Vacation
Sea Song
Paper Cup
Street Walking
Gypsy’s Wife
Ocean Grey

‘What Do You Wanna Do’ Video

Louise Burns – What Do You Wanna Do? video

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