Essence – Unorthodox video

Essence Rap Diva Debut Video “Unorthodox”

De Essence Entertainment Indie recording artist Essence, the creative lyricist and musicologist, has released her debut video for her breakout single “Unorthodox”. The video, directed by Brien Just and produced by DeLucia Media depicts Essence facing challenges in her life all the while trying to balance career with a love relationship. “Women pigeon hole themselves, often accepting what I call the “at least factor”—‘at least I have a job,’ ‘at least I have a man,’ settling for the lesser of the equation, instead of pursuing the right type of career, focusing on the character of a man and what truly makes them happy,” stated Essence. Essence continues, “My message is for women to find their voice, perfect their craft, build on the relationship they have with themselves and just go for whatever it is they have always wanted to do!”

Essence is the embodiment of every woman and she does it with style and grace. Proud, intelligent, independent and always focused on the prize, Essence always lands on her feet no matter what the impediments placed before her She has been ushered through the portals of the rap community with her astute, concise, cutting edge lyrics and never ending flow which many iconic rappers would envy. The Hartford, Connecticut native will host a press reception in her hometown on Tuesday, February 1, 2011.

Essence is unorthodox! She is empowered! She is sophisticated! She is sensuous! She is cool and hip!

Essence is the prototypical woman of today. And that is not Unorthodox.

Essence “Unorthodox” Video Download

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