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Swollen Members Release Video For “Mr. Impossible” From New Album “Dagger Mouth”

Swollen Members Release Video For “Mr. Impossible” From New Album “Dagger Mouth”

Swollen Members have premiered their new video for the track “Mr. Impossible” online with Worldstar Hip-Hop. The song is the lead single from Swollen Members new album, “Dagger Mouth”, which lands in stores on April 12th, 2011 through Suburban Noize/Battle Axe Records.

“When Rob The Viking sent Madchild and I the instrumental for ‘Mr. Impossible’, we realized that the evolution of Swollen Members was re-instating itself and our signature sound was once again being defined,” commented Prevail. “At first listen, I thought Rob had come up with a club banger, which seemed odd considering the material we had recorded already for ‘Daggermouth’. Then the real beat kicked in and I knew it was going to be a legendary track that would give our listeners something to believe in again.”

With Mad Child now free from his addiction to pain killers and settled back into Vancouver, he has returned with a vengeance to record Swollen Members’ new studio album “Dagger Mouth”. With a desire to return to the classic Swollen Members sound, Mad Child, Prevail and Rob The Viking have created an album that stands toe-to-toe with the group’s back catalog, while pushing the their sound to new heights.

Swollen Members are reissuing their back catalog with bonus tracks and all new album artwork. The Vancouver crew are calling on fans to design new artwork to adorn these reissued versions of their early albums in a new contest online at

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