Stones Throw and Invada present ANIKA select DJ gigs this February

Stones Throw & Invada invite you to ANIKA Select DJ Gigs In NY + LA this February

Free mp3 Download “Terry” here

From Anika’s self titled debut album produced by Geoff Barrow (Portishead/ Beak>)

Available now on Stones Throw/Invada
(A Best-Seller at Other Music)

“The sound is fresh…. the songs get your attention; they’ve got texture. It’s startling”
– New York Times

“Anika’s voice is a warm howl, one that barely diverges from her speaking tone, melodic almost despite itself, a quality that lends fluidity to the spectrum of voices the album repurposes.”
– Fader

“A fascinating amalgam of cover versions and heavy post punk dub…enormously impressive”
Rolling Stone Germany (4.5 out of 5)

“Anika captures the fractured cultural decadence of the Weimar Republic and the musical wandering of the ’80s post-punk era while miraculously sounding resolutely futuristic.” Pop Matters

“It’s a bass-drenched retro trip that spits in the face of modern production, embracing the rawest, most visceral elements of timeless sound.” – Flavorpill Daily Dose

“Seeing her in the flesh is downright disconcerting. tall, blonde, psychopathically detached: she’s equal parts sullen teen and suicide bomber…” The Venue

Listen/Download “Terry” from Anika: “Terry

Anika, who’s self-titled debut LP (produced by Geoff Barrow of Portishead/Beak>) was released this past December, just completed her first round of live gigs that included sold out shows in both Paris and London. Along with a fresh start to 2011, Anika is finally crossing the Atlantic to introduce herself personally to the US of A. In both LA and NY this February, Anika will be playing a limited number of intimate DJ gigs.

Anika returns to the US later this spring for a full live tour which features members of Beak>, both Billy Fuller and Matt Williams with the addition of two new members. In the meantime, you can catch a glimpse into hearing the songs which have had an influence on her life. With her selection of vintage 45s from the late 70s and early 80s, we’ll be sure to hear cuts from Delta 5, Suicide, Bush Tetras, and The Slits added with a dose of the odd touch of contemporary. Mirroring the sound that’s best heard on her debut, her dj style draws on the past to create the now and makes it relevant to contemporary society. An assortment ranging from Factory Floor, Gavin Friday and Dave Ball. She’ll even toss in the fairly new cover of “Diamonds, Furcoats, Champagne” by Thomas Brinkman.

Starting at the Natural History Museum in LA, where she will be joined by Peanut Butter Wolf, she’ll spend a week on the West Coast before making her way to NYC for the week. Each night will offer different musical guests at various spots on both the lower east side and in Brooklyn including Mercury Lounge, Trophy Bar and The Commodore, where she’ll end things off with a heartbreaking Valentines set on the 14th. Afterall, according to Anika, her debut features a selection of covers that are “the sweetest love songs we could find and we made them sound like stalker songs, really evil.”

Being Fashion Week in New York, you may be interested to know that Anika has already caught the eyes and ears of tastemakers Colette and Agnes B while in Paris and is available for photo shoots, interviews and just plain ol’ knocking about. But this chanteuse is more about politics than fashion. Her background as a political journalist continues to thrive and it has a massive influence on her music. You can catch some of her recent reporting here:

You can also take a gander at the exclusive playlist she created for Mog, which includes Marlene Dietrich, Billie Holiday and Johnny Cash
Bristol Rummage Sale- an exclusive playlist by Anika

ANIKA’S DJ schedule:
Feb 4 Los Angeles Natural History Museum w/ Peanut Butter Wolf, Anika DJ Set
Feb 9 NYC
Mercury Lounge. Anika DJ Set w/ Cubic Zerconia, Popo, Machinedrum, Party Supplies. 7:30pm-10:30pm. 21+. $10.
Feb 10 NYC Gallery Bar (Basement). Anika DJ Set w/ Blu Jemz, Unemployed Lloyd. 120 Orchard St. 11pm. 21+. Free.

Feb 11 Brooklyn, NY Glasslands. Anika DJ Set w/ Javelin, High Life. 8:30PM. $10. 21+. 289 Kent Ave.

Feb 12 Brooklyn, NY Trophy Bar. w/ DJ Duane Harriott, Veronika Vasicka, Anika DJ Set. 10PM. Free. 21+. 351 Broadway.Sponsored by BUST Magazine

Feb 14 Brooklyn, NY The Commodore. Anika DJ Set. 336 Metropolitan at Havemeyer. Free. 10PM.


“frequently terrifying, plainly unsettling and isn’t the best thing to listen to alone in the dark. It is also quite, quite brilliant.” Drowned in Sound

“Anika’s new album injects some forward thinking elements into the post-punk template. No grey Factory re-treads here, instead the singer pays homage to the true spirit of the era.” Clash Music

“likely to incite equal idolatry and indictment. And hey, isn’t that what great art is supposed to do?
This record has me hastily reconsidering my year-end Top 10 -MOKB

Solidly in the groundbreaking tradition of such deeply influential labels as New York’s ’80s No Wave nexus, 99 Records, the nine songs run the gamut from experimental rock (“Yang Yang”), to soulful country (“End of the World”), to folk (“Masters of War”), to pop (“I Go To Sleep”). This wide spectrum showcases Anika’s expansive range, prescient talents and uncanny ability to string together a cohesive, disparate collection of moods. Anika and Beak> bestow a mature array of reverb drenched ancient drum machine rhythms, while expertly teasing out the more haunting qualities in each incantation.

The music selected reflects Anika’s political stance, being both controversial and provocative as it’s Anika’s nature. As noted in a recent interview with the UK’s Stool Pigeon “We found the sweetest love songs we could find and made them sound like stalker songs, really evil. Using cover songs makes them a bit more provocative as you’re messing with people’s favorite songs and they’ll hate you!” Since the release of her album, her stint as a political journalist, has been put on hold as she focuses all her attention to writing songs and performing live.

ANIKA was recorded live in 12 days, with three band mates, Geoff Barrow, Billy Fuller and Matt Williams, together in one room and no overdubs. In a recent interview featuring Geoff in XLR8R’s current issue themed ‘Building an Iconic Sound’… the producer shared, “Just having three musicians and a singer in a room is a pleasure. A band like Can would just gather, record and they would sound so balanced and at the same time capture all these dynamics. I’ve become fascinated with this. I love to hear a really amazingly written song that’s off kilter, and that doesn’t hide its wrongness.”

The resulting collaboration is a political/trashy/discordant/reggae/German/old school Bristol/punk-funk sound – all sown together into a collection of classic, bristling songs infused with other-worldliness. Indeed, it’s an experience in uneasy yet easy listening.

Track Listing

Yang Yang
End Of the World
Masters Of War
Officer Officer
Sadness Hides The Sun
No-one’s There
I Go To Sleep
Masters Of War (dub)

Album Release on Digital / CD / 2 LP with Instrumentals – December 07, 2010

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