DEATHFACE summons demonic dubstep, acid house and black metal on “Fall Of Man”

DEATHFACE summons demonic dubstep, acid house and black metal on “Fall Of Man”

Out March 8 on Trouble & Bass Recordings

Download “Gift Of Fury” from RCRD LBL and help us spread it!

March 8, 2011
Label: Trouble & Bass Recordings

For fans of; digital hardcore, dubstep and black metal

“Put this kid on before The Prodigy and they’ll find any excuse not to go on…Deathface transports hardcore rave into the next decade. Adrenaline driven….and trust me when I say this , it’s not some paid-for opinion which is included in some marketing budget. Awesome & dangerous.”

“Keep an eye out and ear open for this dude! He’s making some of the hardest stuff we’ve heard out of the stateside scene and plenty of people are taking notice…” – MAD DECENT

“Gift Of Fury” is a hymn for a choir that prays (or maybe preys) at the altar of Anton LaVey after slamdancing their fists into haloed faces the night before, all iron lungs led by vocalist Adri Law.” – RCRD LBL

Deathface named one of Beatportal’s “Artists To Watch 2011”


Deathface is the pioneer of the next generation of digital hardcore. Deathface is the soundtrack to an art-rave in hell, backed by a chaotic live show that whips head-bangers and closet hair-pullers into a pagan frenzy. Fire pits flare as sinners boil in a cauldron of tweaked analog synth melodies, demonic dubstep beats and black metal rage, chopped and screwed as only he can. The chairman of the dark arts is Johnny Love, one-half of the now-defunct Guns N’ Bombs duo and the evil warlock of Brooklyn’s infamous Trouble & Bass Records crew. Following critical acclaim for his first Deathface release – May 2010’s The Horror EP – Johnny is back for more with Fall Of Man.

Fall Of Man is a six-track EP inspired by Midwest hardcore of the 90’s and Magic the Gathering, woodland bonfire parties and white trash drug debauchery, Atari Teenage Riot and Aleister Crowley. Johnny’s rave roots are showcased on opening track “Blood Rave“; with a classic 303 acid line that runs head on into a wall of choppy breaks and heavy bass. As intense as this is, it does nothing to prepare you for what’s to come! The title track – “Fall Of Man” is pure black magic dubstep, the soundtrack to The Omen’s Damien Thorn and The Exorcist’s Regan MacNeil dropping 2C-B at Anton LaVey’s first rave. As the EP moves on, things get even harder-core with the roundhouse kick of “Gift Of Fury” and “Sick of It ” featuring vocals from Adri Law, Deathface’s intense new vocalist in the vein of Hanin Elias (Atari Teenage Riot) and Alice Glass (Crystal Castles).

Johnny truly a movement started and one of the most provocative figures in dance music. A native of Southside Chicago, Johnny rose to infamy in his hometown in the early 2000’s throwing a series of events at The Jerkstore that shunned predictable-dance-rock for eclectic and loose cuts from minimal techno to French touch house. The parties got so wild that Love was imprisoned by the Chicago police on more than one occasion. With things too hot in Chicago, Johnny moved to Los Angeles and formed hard-hitting electro-house duo Guns N’ Bombs who were quickly offered a contract by Kitsuné founder Gildas Loaec. After a vast amount of critical acclaim and the making of many friends, enemies and frenemies Guns N’ Bombs disbanded in 2009, and Johnny decamped to a hideaway in Charlotte, NC to craft Deathface’s swift and deadly takeover and work on various collaborations, including an amazing t-shirt through Mishka designed by Seattles death-rock-obsessed streetwear giants Actual Pain.

Deathface is currently planning the Fall Of Man Tour (a sequel to 2010’s American Gothic tour) for April and dates will be announced shortly. Deathface will also appear at SXSW and in Miami during Ultra week.

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