Rocky Business NYC’s genre skewing duo announce debut EP release “A Rebel’s Roar”

It’s time to get ready for Rocky Business NYC’s genre skewing duo announce debut EP release “A Rebel’s Roar”

Featuring new single “Rocky’s Theme” Free mp3 download

Release Date: March 22nd 2011
(FrankRadio/ Babygrande)

Plus Rocky Business launch new mixtape “White People Are Drug Dealers Too”
Performing live February 23rd at Mercury Lounge
(Mixtape Release party)

Rapping over everything from boom-bap to disco to drum n bass and electro, MC Strictly Business is what the world’s music lovers need right now. Teaming up with musician / vocalist / producer Jonny on the Rocks, together the two have created an original blend of punk rock, hip-hop, indie and electronic sounds that break genre distinctions, leaving you with pure musical energy. Comprised of Toronto native Jonny and Bed-Stuy Brooklyn bred SB, their foreign exchange in musical background has been fully groomed and it’s no wonder they’re able to seamlessly marry their respective genres into a ball of infectious fury that you just can’t label.

SB first met Jonny in a studio session as his engineer in early 2009. While recording SB’s tracks, Jonny took an interest in his style, further collaborating artistically, starting a partnership that would become Rocky Business. With notoriety on the rise within New York City’s underground scene and buzz rattling up across music blogs, Rocky Business is gearing up for their debut EP release titled A Rebel’s Roar on March 22nd 2011 and are offering their new single Rocky’s Theme as a free mp3 download.

With just one listen to Rocky’s Theme, you’ll hear how the Yeasayer/Foals guitar finger-picking melody carries thru a tribal call to arms with a sweet electropop bridge in between. Featherlight yet pugnacious. It is indeed a true anthem featuring SB’s militant style flow of rapping.

Last year, you might have caught their self titled mixtape with legendary FrankRadio and world renowned clothing label Rocksmith, which leaked 2 songs online Army Of Love and Find Away. Unable to ignore this new sound both songs shot to the top of the Hype Machine charts. But Rocky Business really didn’t properly launch online. As they continued to play live it was word of mouth that was spreading thick on the streets for their unique brand of genre-bending music. “Rocky Business gives an epic performance, during which drums are chucked, people are lifted and everyone appears pleasantly moist” says the L Magazine in a recent cover story.

Soon Rocky Business were attracting attention from fellow indie luminaries to collaborate with, such as TELLI from Ninjasonik who joined them in the studio to lay some vocals on Army of Love. The band’s live performance took on new proportions with the addition of Bassist and 2nd drummer Cudoz and lead drummer Rex. With Cudoz’s fierce drumming characteristic of his metal and punk days and Rex’s jackhammer ferocity, RB’s quartet swagger brings an intensity to audiences that is raw and refreshing.

Not only did they set up shop to begin working on their 7 song debut EP, they started gaining a devoted fanbase on the live club circuit from the streets of NYC, LA and even as far as Berlin. Whether they’re playing at music venues, dance clubs,or illegal loft parties, they’ve shared the stage with such luminary artists as Diplo, GhostFace Killah, Redman, Rick Ross, Travis Barker, GZA, Raekwon of Wu-Tang, HEARTSREVOLUTION, Hey Champ, Theophilus London, Maluca, Ninjasonik, Anton Glamb and The Death Set. All this having solely accumulated since their debut live performance in June 2010. Indeed, Rocky Business has made a name for itself in NYC’s underground nightlife which seems to be spreading nationwide.
During the recording sessions, Rocky Business caught the attention of long acclaimed nightlife photographer TONE, who teamed up with the troupe to direct their first music video for the up beat, ska-party inspired track and first single Find Away. Everything clicked and soon the guys started discussing conceptual ideas for a series of videos for the songs on A Rebel’s Roar. While there’s no over-the-top camera tricks, Jonny and Strictly Business explain, “These short films are based on real life, a sequence sown together of our lives and the evolution of Rocky Business.” While Strictly Business refers to the films as “Avant-Garde for the Common Man”, Jonny on the Rocks calls them Soap Operas.
Rocky Business has played many festivals such as Northside, SXSW CMJ as well as events in Europe. The energy and experience of their live performance leaves you in a sweat, wondering why you haven’t heard anything like it before. Rocky Business is redefining what is urban music one song and one show at a time.

Listen for the sound of A Rebel’s Roar EP and in the meantime, come along to their official release party for White People Are Drug Dealers Too, their 2nd Mixtape in partnership with FrankRadio, Rocksmith and Babygrande taking place on February 23rd at The Mercury Lounge where they take the stage at midnight. The line up looks sick and includes Hussle Club, Trouble Andrews, and the So So Glos.
Rocky Business will be playing at SXSW this year.

Knuckle Up and Wild Out with Rocky’s Business debut EP A Rebel’s Roar.

Rocky Business
A Rebel’s Roar Track Listing

1) America
2) Find Away
3) Army of Love
4) Glide
5) Burning Dust
6) Ghost House
7) Rocky’s Theme

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