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The Carps – Bo Jackson / Kelly Gruber – Digital 45


The Carps – Bo Jackson / Kelly Gruber [Digital 45]

The band began its career in Scarborough, a borough of the City of Toronto, in 2005. In addition to touring Europe and North America, The Carps have played with The Cool Kids, MIA, Holy Fuck, The Hives and Lupe Fiasco. Singer Jahmal Tonge is featured on the MSTRKRFT album Fist Of God On both songs “Breakaway” and “So Deep”. The Carps have released two EPs to critical acclaim, and have been applauded for their ability to weave genres of all types into a seamless and cohesive sound. In March 2007, The Young & Passionate Days of Carpedia vol 2.1 was released under URBNET Records. This was followed by the release of Waves & Shambles in April 2008, containing the featured track “Veronica Belmont” which was named after a well-known San Francisco-based tech journalist. The Carps are currently working on their debut full-length album at DFA studios in New York.

“It’s been a long time since we released music. With Neil in Oxford doing his PhD, and me playing drums for MSTRKRFT and Thunderheist, it felt like we’d never get around to that foreboding full length. But here we are. Releasing the entire album as a collection of singles. Two songs a month for 6 months. The first, Bo Jackson/Kelly Gruber are named as such after two amazing athletes who nearly made it. Were close to being champs before their careers were ended by injury. I feel like that’s what happened to The Carps. We almost made a living off music for a second. This is our swan song, our knee surgery, our post Cadillac-golf club tabloid moment. These songs, some of them four to five years old are likely the most honest songs we’ve ever recorded. And whatever the outcome, we’re just happy to be The Carps.” – Jahmal Tonge, The Carps

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