Swollen Members Enter Studio With Saigon To Record Track For New Album

Swollen Members Enter Studio With Saigon To Record Track For New Album;
“Dagger Mouth” Now Set For April 12th, 2011 Release

Vancouver based Swollen Members recently entered the studio to record a new version of the song “Bring Me Down” with labelmate Saigon. The track will appear on Swollen Members’ new studio album “Dagger Mouth”, which has been re-scheduled for an April 12th, 2011 through Suburban Noize/Battle Axe Records.

“I had the great pleasure of touring with Saigon and building a friendship with him throughout the month we spent together on the road. We had just finished putting the final touches on our new album, when we got asked to record a new version of ‘Bring Me Down’ with Saigon,” commented Prevail. “I knew Saigon’s creative voice on this track was speaking a powerful message and both Madchild and I wanted to honor the concept. When we heard the final recordings we all knew that this collaboration produced something magical and we wanted to include it on “Dagger Mouth” for our fans. Since then, I’ve played the track for a handful of people and they all agree that it’s one of the best collaborations we’ve ever done.”

Swollen Members’ new video for “Mr. Impossible” can be viewed online at

The track listing for Swollen Members new album “Dagger Mouth” is as follows:

1 – Do Or Die
2 – The Shining
3 – Fire
4 – Mr. Impossible
5 – Calming of the Beast (interlude)
6 – Moonshine
7 – House of Sin
8 – Chemical Imbalance
9 – Night Vision
10 – Fresh Air
11 – War Money
12 – The Predator
13 – Devil
14 – White Python/Black Tarantula/Sound of the Drum
15 – Electric Chair
16 – Bring Me Down featuring Saigon

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