Mixtape Massacre Pays Homage to the Architects Feb 12th Broadcast Promises to be One for the History Books

Mixtape Massacre Pays Homage to the Architects Feb 12th Broadcast Promises to be One for the History Books

Toronto — Since the Fantastic Voyage show launched on CKLN 88.1FM in the early 1980s, hosted by Ron Nelson, Saturday afternoons in Toronto have never been the same. Mixtape Massacre, the show that has filled the popular 1 – 4pm slot on CKLN 88.1FM for almost 7 years, will pay homage to the heavy-hitters that laid the foundation for hip hop in Toronto, in what may be its last broadcast this Saturday February 12th. DJ Big Jacks and Linx, alongside host Seven:30 have reached out to predecessors and pioneers The Real Frequency (Musiklee Inzane, P-Plus and Arcee), and DJ X of The PowerMove Show to be a part of this Saturday’s broadcast. Mixtape Massacre has also reached out to Ron Nelson, an iconic figure in Toronto Hip Hop, to be a part of the broadcast. Each guest will present 1 full hour dedicated to the era they represented in hip hop over the past 20+ years.

In the early 1980s, Toronto hip hop was in its infancy, but it took the drive of Ron Nelson, who not only volunteered on the airwaves to introduce rap music to the city via the Fantastic Voyage show, but also as a promoter, bringing several acts from New York to Toronto. DJ X of the PowerMove Show followed suit throughout the mid-to-late 90s, influencing another generation fans, and introducing them to freestyle segments like Eat the Beat, and events such as Live @ The BBQ. The Real Frequency inherited the spot after leaving their longtime home at CHRY 105.5FM in 2001. The move proved to be a wise one, as they were scooped up by FLOW 93.5 to become the first underground show to be represented on commercial radio. Mixtape Massacre, who’ve been the programmers of the coveted Saturday afternoon spot since 2004, earned it in a contest, voted on by the public.

Although CKLN is currently in a battle to continue broadcasting following the loss of its license by the CRTC on January 28th, all programmers remain hopeful and have been going all out to prove why CKLN is a valuable asset to the community. If anything, the mood has been celebratory of all the successes the station has been a part of for almost 30 years. This Saturday will prove to be no different. Other invited guests include SCAM, Cyclone, Supreme, Jemeni, and the legendary lyricist Michie Mee, who have all played an integral role in one, or all of the shows over the years.

To be a part of this monumental moment in radio history, tune in on Saturday February 12th, 1-4pm on CKLN 88.1FM

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