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Bushmills® Welcomes Theophilus London & Michael Williams To The “Since Way Back” Brotherhood


Both to Curate Customized Pieces Celebrating the
Timeless Spirit of the Ties that Bind From “Since Way Back” at

Bushmills® Irish Whiskey, one of the oldest names in spirits with more than 400 years of distilling tradition behind it, is celebrating the close friendships and camaraderie shared between lifelong friends with the second round of its “Since Way Back” campaign. Originally launched last year, “Since Way Back” is inspired by the heritage of Bushmills Whiskey and its longstanding tradition of recognizing enduring kinship. The initiative documents the lives and brotherly relationships of artists and influencers who call New York home.

This year, rising stars Theophilus London – a Brooklyn-raised rapper, songwriter and producer – and Michael Williams – founder of renowned style blog A Continous Lean – join the Bushmills family to commemorate their time-tested personal friendships. Both London and Williams will create inspired, limited-edition pieces that reflect each of their individual passions. Check out for special announcements throughout the year.

Joining London and Williams are previous “Since Way Back” friends Chromeo; DustLaRock, A-Trak, and Nick Catchdubs from Fool’s Gold; and Jonathan Galkin and Justin Miller of DFA who will all contribute to the commemorative series with their very own artistic expressions of what it means to live and thrive in New York City.

“Since Way Back” celebrates groups of New York friends whose shared experiences and lifestyle cues are now shaping and informing broader pop culture. Of chief importance to these influential New Yorkers, is the music they write, the art they create, the clothes they wear and the businesses they start.

Bushmills is an authentic Irish whiskey from the original Irish distillery that since its inception, as a brand has a held belief in the power of timeless friendship and brotherhood. Bushmills is a small town in Ireland where nearly everyone works, or knows someone who works at the distillery. The original recipe is based on tradition that can be traced to as early as 1608, and the Bushmills Distillery is so ingrained in Irish culture that it is now pictured on the Bank of Ireland Currency.

The Bushmills “Since Way Back” campaign draws on the spirit of the brand to deliver a communications and engagement platform that lets groups of friends celebrate the values that underpin the true substance of fraternity…unyielding support and loyalty.

“The great friends in my life, like Watts, are family to me. They have helped shape me into the person I am today,” said London. “Along with my friends and family, my hometown of Brooklyn, New York has inspired my craft, and I’m looking forward to expressing myself and sharing my love for this city through ‘Since Way Back’ in my own unique way. I’m really glad Bushmills is giving me the opportunity to turn my passion for New York culture into something tangible that my fans can enjoy.”

Participants include:

Theophilus London: Brooklyn rapper, songwriter and producer Theophilus London recently released his
Lovers Holiday EP, and is set to release his debut album later this year. London’s adroit creativity in the online space places him among the most watched “tradigital” artists on the music and fashion scene today. He’s a content creating machine, consistently releasing mix-tapes, videos and personally written blog posts. Through his manipulation of the Internet, he’s been able to create close personal relationships with fans around the world. Those fans have greeted his genre bending mix of uplifting pop, hip-hop, soul and electronica with open arms. London recently performed live on The Late Show with David Letterman, and his latest single, Why Even Try, can be downloaded here.

Michael Williams: Michael Williams is the founder and editor of the men’s style website A Continuous Lean – a hodgepodge of clothing, design, inspiration and Americana. As someone long obsessed with provenance, Williams has made it his personal mission to champion domestic manufacturing, and in 2008 created The American List, a resource of fashionable clothing all made in the United States. As a native son of Ohio, Williams sees the world through a nostalgic Kodachrome hue and takes pride in highlighting craft and quality in its various forms. Currently, Michael lives in New York City and works on the factory floor at Paul + Williams. · Chromeo: Made up of duo P-Thugg and Dave 1: childhood friends from Montreal, Canada who have released acclaimed albums
Business Casual, She’s In Control and Fancy Footwork.
Fool’s Gold: a Brooklyn-based independent record label founded in 2007 by DJs A-Trak and Nick Catchdubs, quickly named a “tastemaker label” by the New York Times and an “indie innovator” by Billboard for bridging the worlds of hip-hop and electronic music while introducing artists like Kid Sister and Kid Cudi to the world. Graphic artist Dust La Rock creates the original imagery for all Fool’s Gold sleeves and merchandise, and together these three friends have worked tirelessly to grow their company into a new music powerhouse and a trendsetting lifestyle brand.
DFA Records: Jonathan Galkin is the co-founder and head of operations for DFA Records worldwide, an independent record label that he launched in 2001. Justin Miller is DFA Record’s label manager and a renowned DJ.
“Bushmills has always been at the vanguard in recognizing timeless friendships and brotherhood, and Since Way Back gives us the opportunity to do so with a whole new breed of Bushmills enthusiasts in a dynamic and electrifying way,” said Yvonne Briese, Director of Marketing, Bushmills Irish Whiskey. “Last year’s intimate look into the lives of these talented New Yorkers was so successful that we immediately knew what we needed do with this next group…give them the reigns to create something special using their own talents. ‘Since Way Back’ unaffectedly provides us with a fantastic contemporary vehicle to convey the spirit of this reliable, warm Irish whiskey that has been celebrating friendships and community since 1608.”

The Bushmills initiative, “Since Way Back” kicked off with a private event in New York City, featuring DJs Va$htie, Adam Pavao, and Nick Catchdubs of Fool’s Gold. Bushmills reminds you to drink responsibly. When out with friends, make sure to drink in moderation and get home safely: designate a driver or take a taxi.

About Bushmills Irish Whiskey
Bushmills Irish Whiskey enjoys a worldwide reputation as a uniquely authentic Irish whiskey with a heritage spanning four centuries. Bushmills is a premium Irish whiskey, produced, aged and bottled at Ireland’s oldest working distillery in Bushmills Village, Co. Antrim, a community where whiskey has been shared among friends since 1608 when the area was first granted an official license to distil. Triple-distilled Bushmills Whiskey is made with the finest malted Irish barley and pure Irish water, and is the only Irish whiskey brand that offers a full range of blends (standard and deluxe) and single malts – all of which share the rich, mellow and distinct Bushmills characteristics: Bushmills; Black Bush, Bushmills 10-Year-Old Single Malt, Bushmills 16-Year-Old Single Malt and the rare Bushmills 21-Year-Old Single Malt.

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