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Ti’Jean Sets Off Love & Rebellion with DJ Whoo Kid, March 1 New Video “Black America” Flips Eminem Classic Debut Single “Everything’s Illuminated” on Mixtape

Ti’Jean Sets Off Love & Rebellion with DJ Whoo Kid, March 1 New Video “Black America” Flips Eminem Classic Debut Single “Everything’s Illuminated” on Mixtape

Washington, DC — In today’s music scene it is increasingly common to hear different genres coming together to create pop hits, as so many young artists are exposed to more options than their creative predecessors. As a songwriter, musician and lyricist, Ti’Jean represents modern day multi-faceted artists that are changing the face of music for their generation.

On March 1, 2011, Ti’Jean will release Love & Rebellion: The Mixtape, presented by DJ Whoo Kid and, offering music fans a fresh perspective with his unique “Hip Rock” sound. Brooklyn-born and DC-raised, Ti’Jean abides by his Hip Rock lifestyle, which he describes as a hybrid of the influences around him, whether from film, various genres of music, art, fashion and everyday experiences. He embodies Hip Hop, and generates his own brand of fusion sonically in the studio.

The title Love & Rebellion represents passion, pain, art and expression on various levels, and as Ti’Jean describes, they are the two most attractive traits in human history.

“Both love and rebellion begin with us, the musicians, poets and writers – from Shakespeare or Pablo Neruda to NWA. We start sh*t!” Ti’Jean says. “Why do you think we have fight songs and national anthems? It hypes us up, gets us ready for love or rebellion. This mixtape is the start of the music world getting to understand me, and who I am as an artist.”

Undoubtedly, Ti’Jean finds value in everything around him, and appreciates the incredible musical history of his current home in the Washington, DC area.

“When you combine so many styles and genres, it’s interesting what comes out,” Ti’Jean explains. “The major thing this city did for me was teach me to never reject any type of music. Not that I love it all, but I listen to it all. DC is a lot like New York City, in that there are people from all over the world here, and this area basically brings the world to the person.”

Given his well-rounded tastes, Ti’Jean tapped in to the infinite talent pool online to find select tracks from the likes of Kajmir Royale (Colorado), The Teqnitionz (California), Sir Thomas (Texas), Royal Audio Tunes (Germany), Camron Reams (Colorado), Epik the Dawn (California) and Born to Win (Virginia). He notes that while each song on the project touches him, it’s the track “Everything’s Illuminated” produced by The Teqnitionz that hits home the most.

“‘Everything’s Illuminated’ best describes the moment that I’m currently in,” Ti’Jean explains. “It basically the start of the whole journey, and it’s special because it’s the first song I recorded for the mixtape. It really set the direction for the rest of the project. It’s very personal and honest.”

The lead video for Love & Rebellion is the stirring “Black America,” a play on Eminem’s epic hit “White America.” Masked ‘presidents’ convene with Ti’Jean in a stark, dimly lit room at the nation’s capital, accentuating the forceful lyrical message. The young visionary explains that people will understand his spin on the lyrics when they experience the video.

“Eminem’s work on that song is powerful,” Ti’Jean attests. “When I heard it for the first time years ago, I never thought I’d remake it…but I listened to it a few months ago and was inspired to flip it. I wanted to describe the current state of Black America in my eyes, unique to my voice, but also staying true to the spirit of the original version. The vibe and the direction I take in creating my videos is cinematic and raw. I always try to create a storyline, like the soundtrack to a short film. Even without sound, you will understand.”

As Ti’Jean sets his sights on more projects for 2011 and beyond, he feels confident that fans will relate to the ferocity of his spirit and true love for what he does. With this artist, there are no alter-egos needed.

“I’m not afraid to try new things – there is no comfort zone for me as long as I’m true to myself,” explains Ti’Jean. “The person and the artist are the same. It’s a risk of course, but high risk equals high reward. Music is something that I will always live and die for. My reward is when people appreciate my art, period.”

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