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Codebreaker releases “The Space Chase” LP + stream the entire record


Music inspired by…

The Clash, Space, Roots Radics, Tears For Fears, Chocolate Milk, Global Communication, The Beach Boys, The Time, Giorgio Moroder, Nile Rodgers,
Wuf Ticket, Robby Love Feat. Charlotte Mckinnon, Demon, Salt Tank, Harold, Vangelis, Marc Gauvin, Roger S, Alan Braxe & Fred Falke, Pet Shop Boys, Cyber People + More

***Stream the entire album exclusively from URB***

Codebreaker The Space Chase
Released: February 15, 2011
Label: Disco Demolition Records

“Champions of gushy keys and vocoder hooks” – RCRD LBL

“Flourishes and stretches of acid squelch and maintains a bouncing, clubby vibe that might make Daft Punk blush” – XLR8R


To anyone paying attention to underground dance music the last two years, Steven Hawley and Sage Schwarm (AKA Codebreaker) are a familiar name. Anthemic, electric and criminally infectious, Codebreaker blends a distinct and irresistible mix of the timeless, warm sound of funk with exciting modern extrapolations on disco, italo, electro, house and more. Built with inspiration from artists including The Clash, Tears For Fears, Global Communication, The Beach Boys, Giorgio Moroder and Nile Rodgers, Codebreaker’s long anticipated debut LP is here…The Space Chase is outta space.

The Space Chase lends itself to French touch influences crossed with American funk, disco & soul to create the makings of a future dance classic with broad international appeal. The CD features several unreleased tracks and includes 2010 breakout “Follow Me;” a song that quickly caught the attention of world-class tastemakers including The Juan MacLean (DFA/NYC), Bottin (Italians Do It Better/Venice), and The Outrunners (Valerie/FR), all of who gave the single remix treatments.

To date The Space Chase has received strong endorsements from Miami Horror, Treasure Fingers, Faze Action to Moulinexx, Dimitri Of Paris, Tim Sweeney & Alexander Robotnik. The debut LP comes off the heels of the recently released The Silver Lining EP (features remixes by The Outrunners and classic house music legend, Joe Smooth) and the critically acclaimed double 12″ single “Fire” featuring UK disco diva Kathy Diamond; which elicited praise from the likes of The Washington Post and Pitchfork.

Codebreaker proves more & more that its uncontainable mix is anything but ordinary. By meticulously deconstructing what they “love about the music we love,” the mysterious duo create a sound that is equal parts light and dark by balancing the clean, cool sophistication of electro with the playful passion of disco, while always throwing a little funky swagger into everything they do.

To celebrate the release, Codebreaker is streaming the record in its entirety at URB

“The Space Chase”
(with track inspiration comments from Steven Hawley)

1.) “Silver Lining”
3010. Future soul. Epic intro. Quantum traveling. Walking through wide landscapes of ice & snow, purple skyline in cloaks. Moroder-esque. Driving, purposeful, determined, groovy. Magical spiritual connections with new friends met along the way of this sometimes uncertain adventure. Glowing eyes & heart.

2.) “Desire”
Unapologetically gaudy. People usually think this vocal is sampled, but I actually sang it. Romance on the run, love & danger. Dramatic yet lighthearted. Love scene montages, circular bed. Hi speed chases on interplanetary ocean sides. Action scenes in slow motion.

3.) “Follow Me”
A transcendental, funk fueled mantra. Two people meeting inside each other’s dream through telepathic connection. Flying, holding hands, soaring over circuit board & grids. Follow me to your dreams. This song is like a supernatural souvenir you can take out whenever you want to go back to this place.

4.) “First True Love Affair”
A classic, animated love story. A song & message as relatable through the eyes of young lovers in ancient Egypt, as it is to new evolved super species in a far & distant future.. Charming, vulnerable, heroic, timeless.

5.) “Free Your Mind”
Shaman healers, face paint, modern technology meets otherworldly, ancient rituals. An intense, beautiful extradition of the feelings we don’t want into orgones freeing, unhindered

6.) “Sous L’ Choc”
Class all the way. 60’s French pop inspired vocals into big atmosphere, future boogie bliss. Strings of life, melancholy but content. Four decades of musical influences, put into five minutes of symbiotic, international disco.

7.) “The Space Chase”
Quintessential. Epic outro. We’re back on the ship, control board. the definitive mission into the future. Huge, vast post industrial, post apocalyptic city landscape. Exhilaration.

Ten albums of quintessential influence to The Space Chase

1.) The Clash – Super Black Market Clash
2.) Space – Magic Fly
3.) Roots Radics – Dangerous Dub: King Tubby Meets Roots Radics
4.) Tears For Fears – The Hurting
5.) Chocolate Milk – Friction
6.) Global Communication – 76:14
7.) The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds & Surf’s Up
8.) The Time – What Time Is It?
9.) Giorgio Moroder – From Here To Eternity
10.) Nile Rodgers -Adventures In The Land Of The Good Groove

Ten songs of quintessential influence to The Space Chase

1.) Wuf Ticket – The Key
2.) Robby Love Feat. Charlotte Mckinnon -Feel Like Dancin’
3.) The Beach Boys -Let’s Go Away For Awhile
4.) Salt Tank – Girls On Film (Salt Tank Remix)
5.) Harold -Shortage Of Love
6.) Vangelis -Blade Runner Blues
7.) Marc Gauvin – J’sui Ton Mec
8.) Roger S – The Loft Groove
9.) Alan Braxe & Fred Falke -Palladium
10.) Cyber People – Void Vision

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