Mac Sosa Drops Debut Solo Mixtape Featuring the banger “Swervin” with Young Buck & Crisis

Mac Sosa Drops Debut Solo Mixtape Featuring the banger “Swervin” with Young Buck & Crisis

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Hailing from Oak Ridge, TN up and comer Mac Sosa is poised to be the next heavy hitter in the southern rap scene with his gritty solo debut mixtape, In My Zone. The mixtape boasts production by Slash Major (FLY Jody Breeze, Rich Kid Shawty) as well as producer and mixtape host DJ Slim C (Travis Porter, Young Ralph, BoHagon). Sosa also enlists a dynamic lineup of guest features including Crisus, Payne, Jaymo and fellow Ten-A-Key representatives Young Buck and Starlito. In My Zone’s breakout single “Swervin” featuring Young Buck and Crisis is already simmering in rotation with support from Atlanta’s renowned DJ crew, Coalition DJs, who are known for breaking some of the hottest records in the South.
A sharp student of the school of hard knocks, Sosa has had his share of hardships and setbacks. Living the street life eventually resulted in him serving a 3-year bid. Fresh out and determined not repeat past mistakes, Sosa channeled his energy into his passion for rapping, something he has been doing since he was an adolescent. Now with a new outlook on life, Sosa is firmly in his zone-slangin’ gritty lyrics instead of drugs.

“My hopes and visions are a little different than most,” states Mac Sosa. “I would like to be able to provide for my family. I hope to get my story out there so that people won’t have to travel the road I traveled to become successful, inspire others to live their life in a positive manner.”

However In My Zone is in no way soft. On tracks like “Dirty Game and Jack Boy Anthem,” Sosa unleashes his lyrical assaults without a filter touching on the drug game, violence and of course, women. The Tennessee native forgoes the usual polished sound from his Atlanta counterparts for his own grittier brand of southern hip-hop with plenty of bounce and swagger. The first single, “Swervin” featuring Young Buck & Crisis, has garnered huge response, among fans and Dj pools.

Unlike many so-called gangster rappers on the scene now, Sosa has actually lived the life he raps about. Making fast, easy money doesn’t come without consequences though, as Sosa learned firsthand. He hopes his raw lyrics and honest portrayal of street life will steer others in a more positive direction. While In My Zone is Sosa’s first solo effort, he has previously released two albums (2002’s Grillin, Hustlin and Pimpin and 2005’s Tha M’Pire) with the group Main Event.

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