Moe Green – Lights, Camera Action video

Moe Green – Lights, Camera Action video

Critical Praise for Moe Green:

“With a prize like Rocky Maivia: Non-Title Match under his belt, be prepared to see Green go the distance.” –

Selected as a member of 106 KMEL’s (the biggest Bay Area hip-hop station) Freshmen Class of 2010.

The Video:

Every rapper shows love to their hometown, but it’s rare that their hometown returns the favor. Recently however, Vallejo’s own Moe Green was called upon by The Golden State Warriors to be featured on their weekly TV program, Warriors Weekly. Not only did the basketball team use Moe’s song “Lights, Camera, Action,” a perfect compliment with it’s driving, synth-laden beat and chopped up sports announcer vocal samples, but they also shot a full video, combining performance footage of Moe with a mix of highlights from the week. “I was excited to know that the Warriors wanted to use my song for the TV show,” says Moe. “I have been watching the Warriors since I was a little kid, and my dad would take me and my little brother to the games.”

As Moe Green continues to release videos from Rocky Maivia, including his recent video for “Cruise Control,” Moe continues to apply the finishing touches on his upcoming album, Lionheart EP, which will be released this spring.

The Background:

The rap game is overflowing with aspiring new MCs, all crammed into a single ring fighting for that lone heavyweight title. One particular competitor who has fully dedicated himself to the good fight is 22-year old Moe Green from Vallejo, California. His forthcoming debut album, Rocky Maivia: Non Title Match, is titled after Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s first professional ring name and perfectly embodies Moe place in today’s hip-hop circuit – the newcomer who is one day going to hold the championship belt. Like any fighter, years of training, dedication, and discipline are required to claim the top spot. Moe has been training for this his entire life. Having competed in speech and poetry meets growing up, Moe found himself genuinely attracted to the creative freedom music imparts early in his life, even writing rhymes in kindergarten with his childhood best friend and E-40’s son, Droop-E. Listeners of Rocky Maiva can expect to hear tales from a young man from a hard hit city trying to find his way in the world the best he can. On growing from Rocky Maivia to one day standing amongst the greats, Moe says, “I need to win a couple belts first. I have to prove that I have the skill to do that and this album is like my wrestling debut.” And so, the journey begins.

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