Watch Eclectic Method along with Copyright Criminals Allstar Band perform “Fight The Power” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Last night Tuesday March 29

Watch Eclectic Method along with Copyright Criminals Allstar Band perform “Fight The Power” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Last night Tuesday March 29

Copyright Criminals Allstar Band featuring

Eclectic Method, Public Enemy’s Chuck D, Clyde Stubblefield, Black Thought & ?uestlove of the Roots.

A rare performance in a definitive moment in Television history featuring 3 generations from the Leaders of Sampling

Debut single “Outta Sight” featuring Public Enemy’s Chuck D. Available now on Itunes

“U.K.- and Brooklyn-based Eclectic Method’s Jonny Wilson, Ian Edgar and Geoff Gamlen are multimedia masters of the highest order, who splice and dice disparate, kinetic beats, samples and clips and feed them through a next-gen sound system that can shake an entire city.” WIRED Magazine

After premiering their debut single “Outta Sight” (March 15) featuring a collaboration with the legendary Chuck D, Eclectic Method were invited to perform on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon for a special performance by the Copyright Criminals Allstar Band featuring them, Public Enemy’s Chuck D, Clyde Stubblefield and Black Thought & ?uestlove of the Roots. Last night March 29 marked Eclectic Method’s US National debut performance. What makes this rare performance a defining moment in Television history is that Copyright Criminals span 3 generations of the leaders of the school of sampling (Clyde Stubblefield (The source), Chuck D, (Made sampling a mainstream art) and Eclectic Method (who are pushing sampling into the future).

In 2009, on behalf of the aptly titled PBS critically acclaimed documentary “Copyright Criminals”, the group performed a set with Chuck D and legendary James Brown drummer Clyde Stubblefield at the Toronto International Film Festival. It was a perfect marriage: Stubblefield, whose work on “Funky Drummer”, “Cold Sweat”and countless others have made him one of the most sampled musicians in history; Chuck D, whose albums pioneered the use of samples in hip-hop and whose vocal lines have been endlessly recycled by others; and Eclectic Method, the glorious bastard children of an era where the parameters of sampling and recontextualization are boundless. It is this very lineage that Chuck D refers to when dropping the lines “it’s not audio-visual, we living in the visual-audio age” and “outta sight, outta mind, we don’t matter, we don’t mind.” Now coming full circle, on March 29 – Eclectic Method performed with Chuck D live on National TV on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

With a rambunctious, unruly spirit and a supercomputer’s worth of samples and productions, UK via Brooklyn producers/ DJs Eclectic Method remain fixed at the forefront of the rapidly-emerging audiovisual remix culture. The group has been pioneering audio and video remix creations and the very notion of how to rock a crowd for nearly a decade. The group’s bona fides speaks for itself: Every figurehead of every genre, from U2, Phish, Fatboy Slim and the Bob Marley Family to working alongside cutting edge lifestyle brands and invited to perform at major global events for the likes of Twitter, Activision, Mashable, Sundance, MTV, Vimeo all of whom have requested their talented skills in some shape or form.
Now with their debut music single “Outta Sight”, their latest collaboration with Public Enemy’s Chuck D, the postmodern group – which includes founding members Ian Edgar, Jonny Wilson andGeoff Gamlen – get to fully showcase their own electro and hip hop inspired production. In true EM form, keeping one eye on the past and the other aimed squarely at the future, it only made sense for the trio to collaborate with one of music’s legends Public Enemy’s Chuck D.

“Whether it’s a cheeky mix of super-spliced clips of Obama talking about the First Puppy (“Government of the puppy; For the puppy; By the puppy”) over a cadence of looping break beats, their epic 7:17 “Tarantino Mixtape”—a two-week labor of love that garnered the attention of the Weinstein Company, who used it to promote Inglorious Basterds in Europe—or the recent “Daft Tron” vid, which mashes Tron and Tron: Legacy clips with Daft Punk classics, Eclectic Method is constantly moving the genre (or needle) forward” -INTERVIEW Magazine

“The shorthand on this duo is that they’re the Girl Talk of VJ’s: parties, festivals, mash-ups. Only now, they’re getting into actual music, with a debut album featuring Chuck D, One of 15 must see acts at SXSW” -ESQUIRE Magazine

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