Mohammad Dangerfield Interview

Mohammad Dangerfield which consists of rappers Rugged N’ Raw and Hasan Salaam are performers that you should definitely know about. Both have received critical acclaim for their independent work, and for their work as Mohammad Dangerfield. Working with the likes of U-God of Wu-tang Clan, Brand Nubian and Consequence, Mohammad Dangerfield keeps things fresh while also working with those that have paved the way for artists like themselves.

Signed to Viper Records Mohammad Dangerfield shares the same label as underground heavyweight rapper Immortal Technique and rap duo Da Circle. Mohammad Dangerfield embarked on multiple tours in 2010 and performed during Austin, Texas’ SXSW 2011 music festival. Along with touring, the group’s self-titled album was released February 22, 2011 to positive reviews.

During SXSW’s festivities I had the opportunity to talk with Mohammad Dangerfield about SXSW, the music they make, working hard to achieve success and influences.

The Mohammad Dangerfield Interview

MVRemix: Since we’re here for SXSW what have you thought so far about the experience, and is this your first time out here?

Rugged N Raw: This has been our first time here at SXSW and it has been an amazing experience. We have done five shows in three days and the response has been crazy. The people have been great, the spots have been great, everyone rocks out with us and they talk with us. It has just been a great experience.

Hasan Salaam: It’s dope because there are so many artists out here with so many different styles of music being put on, and everybody just has their own sound. On the hip-hop level it’s cool because I’m seeing people from both the east and the west coast that I haven’t seen in a long time, and being able to connect and network with all of these people is just a really blessed thing.

MVRemix: You guys have played with artists such as U-God, Rakim, Talib Kweli and Kurtis Blow. How was it working with people like that who influence the music you make?

Rugged N Raw: I mean for me working with people who were at the forefront of what we’re doing and just having a lot of respect from other people in hip-hop is a cool thing. Although we do create this music for ourselves, we do hope that people can relate to the music and understand everything we’re saying. To be able to share the stage with those types of names is just a sign that we’ve been putting in our work, and that we are not afraid to do our own footwork. The reward may not come right away, but to be able to share the stage with those bigger acts, and afterwards have people come up to us, buy a CD and remember us, is truly a lot of gratification.

Hasan Salaam: To work with all the artists that I have worked with just shows that we are doing what we need to do to get to the places we need to be, to make sure that the people hear our work as individuals and as a group. Like my brother (Rugged N’ Raw) says we do our own footwork. We’re passing out fliers and connecting with people. We’re not like those artists who say “you can talk to my people.” You can come and talk to me, which is why we’re out here connecting and handing out fliers. If there is anything worth having in this world you have to work hard for it and you got to do it yourself because they’re no free handouts.

MVRemix: Where can people check out or download some of your music?

Hasan Salaam:Go to where you can download our EP for free. For future stuff I have my next album called “Life in Black and Whitewhich will be out some time this year.

Rugged N Raw: I have a bunch of stuff planned as well, but mainly just check out the self-titled album. It has a bunch of good songs on it and to be honest our album is the shit.

MVRemix: Any last words for the people back at home who will be reading this?

Rugged N Raw: If you are reading this then you are instantly cool. Even if you do not like us but you are reading this you are still cool. Continue to support Hasan Salaam, myself, Mohammad Dangerfield and we will continue to support ourselves and other dope artists in the future. Stop complaining about the state of music because music is on and poppin’, and Mohammad Dangerfield is at the forefront.

You can find more stuff about Mohammad Dangerfield, Rugged N’ Raw and Hasan Salaam at Viper Records, Mo Danger, Twitter and Facebook.

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