Big K.R.I.T. – Return of 4eva mixtape review

As a lover of music, particular Hip Hop, I find that a lot of Southern rappers get typecast, pushed into the category of party music often associated with gold chains, “good” teeth and irrelevant lyrics. Not just the music, but the people of the South in general are often seen as one dimensional caricatures of the multi-faceted, culturally dynamic people they really are. Median, Mississippi’s Big K.R.I.T. and his latest, Return of 4Eva refute all you may have thought the South and its people and music are about.

Big K.R.I.T’s latest Return of 4Eva is the epitome of what it means when an rapper is truly creative and talented. K.R.I.T. raps, harmonizes, and stylizes in a way that utilizes language that is neither common nor simplistic, but rather relatable to not only those in his hometown, but anyone who loves music and have a few country roots.

The album (well, mixtape) features tracks reminiscent of acts like Outkast and Young Bloodz. Big K.R.I.T runs the gamut of style with the ability to speed up the tempo and spit lyrics in rapid fire fashion or cool down the melody and add peace to the pace with a laid back cadence. K.R.I.T leaves no subject untouched as he tackles racism, violence, and project life in a way that stands very outside the box. This album presents itself with thought as it knocks hard.

Along with his own talent, K.R.I.T has also sprinkled this album with a few heavy hitters that add even more to the album. Appearances by Joi, Big Sant, Chamillionaire, Raheem Devaughn, Ludacris, and Bun B push this album a little further; making it even richer in sound and also with each artist appearance; K.R.I.T. seems to be pushed to perform harder on the tracks.

As a girl with many Southern roots and a true lover of Hip Hop and all that it encompasses, I am more than proud to bump Big K.R.I.T in my car, house, and the earphones of my work computer. This freshman is proving that the South and its people are as complex, introspective, and valid. An idea that had been lost, in the hype of a few artists that were chosen to represent the masses. Big K.R.I.T. gives a new face, sound and feel to Southern Hip Hop.

Big K.R.I.T. – Return of 4eva mixtape is available for free download now

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  1. It’s Meridian, Mississippi. I live a few hours from it. Mixtape is straight fire. Dude is so chill with it.

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