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Method Man Brings the Pain to Toronto’s Sound Academy

Two decades in the rap game might have most MC’s worn-down and burnt-out; but not Meth. With blunts blazed and fists raised, the Ticalion Stallion delivered a tireless performance to a packed house at the Sound Academy on March 31st. The rapper, actor and producer tore through the ocean of his now epic compendium of hits: from ‘Bring the Pain’ to ‘Judgment Day’, ‘You’re All I Need’ to ‘Da Rockwilder’, the Iron Lung had everyone singing right along.

Backed by a sick tour DJ who showed his skills by beat juggling with his feet, and only one other MC, as opposed to the massive crews usually overcrowding hip hop stages, Meth kept it simple – and sweet. There were a few elements of surprise: the Chef threw down a few front-flips directly into the crowd, and then introduced us to O.D.B’s son, who sang along to “Got Your Money”.

By the end of the show, there were a lot of mixed reviews floating through the crowd, and later, online. For the haters complaining about the late start, the crappy hype-man, and the copious banter: may I remind you, this is a rap show. Maybe it seemed so good because my hopes for a great show from someone who has been in the Hip-Hop AND Hollywood game for so long were pretty low. But Meth still connects with his fans, gives them what they want, and isn’t too dope to have fun and tear the roof off.

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