Swollen Members – Daggermouth Album Review

I would be a liar if I sat here and mashed on the keyboard and told you how much I hated this album. However, I would also be liar if I sat here and told you how much I loved it. This metal/hip-hop mash up is not something you would find on my iPod; Nor would you find the CD case sliding around in the back seat of my car. A small part of me feels like I have to love this album because they are Vancouver music veterans.

Every second song was about drugs, dying and depression. It was like if I wanted to write a suicide letter I would use half these lyrics. Although, the songs that didn’t have pure hatred about life were surprisingly good. They were deep, real, and a small part of me could relate to them. For example songs like “Bring Me Down” featuring Saigon have depth and give you something to relate to. That’s what all music needs. Regardless of who it is, a song that has depth and realness will always keep me listening. That’s why I cant make up my damn mind with this damn album. I guess I can just be thankful that they saved the best for last.

Swollen Members has always been very original, and when they weren’t rapping about knives, guns and drugs I was intrigued and I was only hoping the next song would carry out the same beat and rhythm. Well, it didn’t. Instead, after one great track would finish “Chemical Imbalance” would come on and then I had to scramble to change the song. If only they were consistent through out the whole album I would highly recommend buying it.

Swollen Members is one of those groups where you love them or hate them; the type of group that has the same loyal fans since day one, and the group that will make music regardless of record sales. Let’s be honest; did you even know they were coming out with a new album? In all honesty, a small part of me has much respect for someone that does it just for the fans and not the fame. That’s hard to find these days. Overall, I don’t think they will stop making music anytime soon. So if you like a good show, try to catch them live. Otherwise, I’m on the fence about this one.

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Yeah man, I saw these guys live in Whistler and they were sick! Totally agree on the awesome live show.

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