DJ Quik – Book Of David album review

Is it Ladies Night? Am I getting in free before 10 for $2 shots of Henny? Is my man trying to pull out some of those slow playa moves to set the mood? Or dare I say; am I listening to some truly good music by the legendary DJ Quik, one of the originators of the Los Angeles rap scene? Hell if I’m lucky all of the above is true, but for now we’ll use this review to give big ups to DJ Quik as his latest album “Book Of David” is literally dripping with style, a fantastic flow, and enough music to keep you bobbing your head and shaking your behind for more than a minute. This album is what happens when you spend 20 years being an artist; rather than merely dropping the occasional club thumper.

I have been a fan of DJ Quik even before it was appropriate for me to listen to his music. Memories of cookouts and cousins grinding with their boyfriends while the words, “My name is Quik, but you can call me daddy” played through the boombox. Quik was always able to reach the masses whether it was in front of the mic in his hometown of Compton, California where he started out making homemade mix tapes or through stereo speakers in the park where my cousins partied in Sacramento or behind the scenes producing for everyone from Snoop Dogg to Talib to Whitney, and on down to Murs, Eazy-E and even Will Smith.

Book Of David is something new for Quik, although in a recent interview he stated, “I didn’t approach it to do anything new, in fact I wanted to bring back all the old stuff. I like 80’s music. That’s the tempo that I rap to, the tempo of a heartbeat… I listen to El Debarge, Curtis Mayfield. Music you can walk to and feel like a pimp to. I’m trying to capture some of that 80’s magic.” Whatever magic it is Quik is trying to capture on this album, it’s there. The melodies are smooth, the beats knock and the collaborations, well the collaborations are straight up magic. Appearances include BlaKKaszz K.K., Ice Cube, Dwele, Kurupt, Bizzy Bone and more than a couple hooks sang by the original “Fly White Boy” himself, Jon B.

This is an album of ‘Grown Man’ music as many of the songs give props to the ladies and show how Quik’s music has matured in the last two decades; but still remains homegrown. The man even samples “Grease Lightning”…classic! The maturity in the sounds and even outlook becomes real when listeners hear tracks like “Time Stands Still” (featuring Dwele), “Real Women” (featuring Jon B.) and “Killer Dope.” Quik is story-telling, sharing his commentary on the state of rap music and overall just having a good time; basically he is doing what the music was intended to do and just in time for the summer.

Its no secret that Dj Quik’s last couple of albums have had dismal sales and every little accolades, the reason for this we will not debate; there’s no need to. Quik’s Book Of David is the album that will once again but this legend back on top. An album that proves anyone can make a couple of hits, but legends remain on the scene. At the end of “Killer Dope”, Quik says, “Shouts goes out to myself. I love me, DJ Quik, f*ck the world!” and after listening to Book Of David it clear why you have lasted 20 years in the game with the rest of us loving you too.

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