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Consequence – Movies On Demand 2 mixtape review

There is nothing in this world I love in Hip Hop more than a good mixtape. Nothing. That sound that only comes when an artists gets to be their most raw, that music that lovers of Hip-Hop get to hear when the artists is not a virgin; but definitely not a whore of the fame.

Mixtapes allow the artist to have a real conversation with the fans. The heavy pressure to be commercially relevant is gone and it becomes about the music, the flow, and enough room to get in touch with their roots and flex their skills. Amongst the greats on a mixtape is none other than Consequence, and his latest Movies on Demand 2 proves just how hard this brother can rap when given the room to spread his wings and please lets not forget the unadulterated, never duplicated talent of ‘Your Wifey’s Favorite DJ’ DJ Ill Will and DJ Rockstar; two mix masters that bring nothing but skill as they take each track and blend it, creating tornado of ill beats.

Consequence can take a beat; any beat and make it knock. Give him the inspiration to make it a collaboration and you have some of the hottest tracks ever to be given life on 16 bars. Some of the co-stars on this latest production include Q-Tip, Large Professor, Havoc, Diggy Simmons, Phife Dawg and Soul Live, packing this album with enough talent to have Hip Hop heads bobbin’ for more than minute. These compilations are a blend of old and new artists that have and are making their mark on the industry.

And the beats…what can I say about the beats? What is a mixtape without dope beats? Who knows? When you listen to Movies on Demand 2 you don’t have to ask because blended over the rhymes of mic geniuses are the some are the essence of Marvin Gaye, Biggie, and even a hook from Amerie.

Consequence, as usual performs fantastically, and he brought his people with him on a mixtape that hits hard. Movies on Demand 2 features good Hip Hop music is its purest form; beats that knock, amazing collaborations and thoughtful lyrics. This is what good music sounds like when it gets to its roots. Consequence can add one more classic mixtape to his repertoire with Movies on Demand 2.

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