Beastie Boys – Hot Sauce Committee pt 2 album review

What do you say when a group like the Beastie Boys comes back on the scene with a new album that absolutely rocks beyond comparison? What words do you give to the enormity of the “Fight for Your Right” being not only revisited in the form of an awesome album track but a star-studded 30 minute music video? What do you say about an album that flashes back to the glory days of Hip Hop…you say; “Thank God!!!” Hot Sauce Committee 2 is the latest album from the Beastie Boys and is quickly showing the world why the Beastie Boys are the legend they have come to be known as the last 20+ years.

Hot Sauce Committee calls upon a bit of the old and new; providing listeners with the Beastie Boy rapid-fire lyrical delivery and instrumental content and calling on the collaboration skills of Nas (“Too Many Rappers”) and Santigold (“Don’t Play No Game I Cant Win”). These collaborations add even more richness to the sound of Beastie Boys while making them current and giving them the opportunity to successfully cross over to a whole new generation of Hip Hope lovers.

Hot Sauce Committee 2 has been on repeat since I received it. It is a flashback to the good times and a real contender in this current world of artist. When it is all said and done; the Beastie Boys are timeless.

The album once against reminds us that the Beastie Boys even in becoming adults have not lost touch. Hot Sauce Committee 2 is just one more notch in the career belt of a trio that always delivers the goods as it takes the listener back to those fun carefree times of Hip Hop. So what do you do when a group like the Beastie Boys creates a boss ass album? You turn it up loud, bob your head to the beat.

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