XV – Zero Heroes mixtape album review

I am all about a mixtape. Whether its Kanye, Weezy, Consequence or Pete Rock; to me there is nothing in Hip Hop that compares to the mixin’, the match’ and the freedom of orginiality that mixtape gives. The combination of old and new and the introspection it takes to create the organic feel of the a mix is a true gift. It is especially awesome when a newcomer is able to create a mixtape that can conjure the type of talent that is normally associated with veterans in the game. Time means nothing when you come with enormity of talent and orgininality that XV is bringing on his latest “Zero Hereos”.

This Wichita, Kansas native is bringing a fresh perspective that as an audience we are not able to see much representation from the “Sunflower State”, beyond TechN9ne, so with the precedent being set high from what we expect from rappers from Kansas; XV had to come hard and he does.

In his 16th mixtape; XV is truly showcasing his ability to be compile a multitude of themes, sounds, beats, and collaborations in one album to create a sound that is truly different. This is an album that can compared to other great mixtapes; but not because it bites the sound of another artist; but because it delivers the caliber of that is expected from those that have made a name for themselves in the mainstream.

Since its release; “Zero Heroes” has been noted by many in the underground scene as this year’s best mixtape, thus far and while I have my favorites with this being among them. Mid 2010 XV reached a new pinnacle in his career with his signing with Warner Bros., a well-deserved plateau for this artist.

XV’s “Zero Heroes” has earned the acclaim that it is garnering as one of the best mixtape to be released this year. “Zero Hereos” is worth giving not just a first or 2nd listening; but put it on repeat and wait for the beat to drop.

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