Blu – Her Favorite Colo(u)r album review

Music is an art, this is not a surprise. We regard it as such because it requires time, love, devotion and placing one’s thoughts and emotions in a form that is tangible; therefore making it permanent. Music is a special art because it uses the words that we speak everyday to create a line of consciousness, fun, and maybe even memories. That is the kind of art that present in the new album from Blu entitled, “Her Favorite Colo(U)R”.

This L.A. based producer and lyricist proven himself a few times over with his previous albums and compilations. But it is through this his latest release that we get to truly see the talent in his lyrics, the depth of this mixes and the sheer originality of the music on “Her Favorite Colo(U)r”. This is an album that does not simply have tracks, but it has moments. Many of the songs on this album are short; but they act like breaths between poem stanzas. Time in between for you simply to inhale and exhale the downbeat. Not only is the whole album laden with the movement of an extended poem, it is woven throughout with poignancy that is created with the riffs of Billie Holiday (Amnesia) and excerpts of romantic comedies with dark intentions (“Morning” and “Melo”); songs that are heavy with content between the combination of serious commentary and lightly delivered lyrics. There are even Curtis Mayfield samples (“Pardon Me”) and guitar riffs, rife with angst (“Cellin’ L’s”). For an artist that is fairly new to the game; Blu has sound that parallels that of the Roots and Pete Rock. Blu is bring new age methods to classic method; creating music that shows true respect for Hip Hop.

Some artist create beauty with paint strokes, others color the page with pen marks; decorating its margins words to be read in an effort to create left-aligned feelings. Then there are those artists that can move us with the refraction of diaphragm, inhalation of breath, record spins and sampling just the right amount of history to create soul. “Her Favorite Colo(U)R is the type of album that resonate with those of us who know that rhymes and rhythms are the lasting art forms of impressionism that are the Hip Hop version of what it means to be an artist that takes words, feelings, and surroundings and regurgitates them back on the world through beats

“Her Favorite Colo(U)R is an album to be listened to and felt.

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