AraabMuzik – Electronic Dream album review

AraabMuzik; quirky name, but a monster at producing, and trust me, that is not an overstatement. Anyone who can manipulate an MPC drum machine to do its bidding, while creating various melodies with different samples, all at once, is someone worth knowing about. Abraham Orellana, better known as AraabMuzik, has worked with artists such as, Jadakiss, Fabolous and Busta Rhymes. When he isn’t working with well-known artists, he is creating his own type of music. A mixture of pulsating drum kicks and electro and trance samples, AraabMuzik is a malleable producer; he can just about make anything he wants. This is the case with his latest release, Electronic Dream.

Electronic Dream presents itself as something of a surreal sequence, as it starts off with “Electronic Dream.” Everything you would expect from trance is on here; loopy synths, rapid drum patterns and reverberated vocals, all provide a comfortable welcoming into Araab Muzik’s world.

“Golden Touch” starts off with a pulsating drum kick, followed by an entourage of hi-hats, synths and explosive percussion. “Underground Stream” is the beautiful nightmare of Electronic Dream; staccato synths and thumping drums explode from all directions, creating a world of enjoyable cacophony.

“Lift Off,” and “Let It Go,” will be dance club favorites as they utilize Araab’s formula of pulsating drums, infectious synths and ethereal-sounding vocals. “Lost In A Maze” will actually make you feel like you’re stuck in a maze. Hi-hats attack with full force, while reverberated synths come looming from behind, chasing you as you try to find your way out of Arrab’s musically enrapturing maze.

Electronic Dream is enjoyable; it shows that AraabMuzik can dip his production into just about anything he wants, and he can create something beautiful with it. His chopped up samples and drum patterns are so precise and smooth, that at times you may get lost in the drums, completely forgetting about the melodies that are present. Good for a night of dancing or relaxation, Electronic Dream is a choice you cannot go wrong with.

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