Show review – Slightly Stoopid at Marymoor Park, Redmond, Washington

It wouldn’t be a lie to say that for the past two years, the Slightly Stoopid show at Redmond’s Marymoor Park has commanded the spot of number one concert of the year in my book. Formed in 1996, this Long Beach, California reggae-rock-hip-hop fusion band is most notably known for its surfer attitude and stoner style. That’s right – if you’ve got anything whatsoever against the smoking of, consumption, possession, or association with marijuana, Stoopid’s shows are probably not going to be your thing. Case in point: Slightly Stoopid just embarked upon a summer tour entitled “The Seedless Summer Tour”, accompanied by California artists Rebelution and Shwayze. The Seedless Summer Tour made its first stop at Marymoor Park, and I was lucky enough to be there again this year.

Rapper Shwayze opened up for Slightly Stoopid just as the sun was thinking about setting, creating an upbeat background soundtrack for those who had taken to the grass to relax and wait for the main act to begin. Given the general demographic in attendance at a Slightly Stoopid show, I’m not sure I would have made the decision to include a rapper in the lineup – I wouldn’t want to insult anyone, but let’s be honest, those kinds of folks are probably more likely to stick to a comfy blanket on the grass staring up at the sky than rushing the stage and bouncing up and down. Shwayze wasn’t intolerable; he simply belonged somewhere else.

Rebelution, however, proved a worthy addition to The Seedless Summer Tour bill, saturating our ears with serious reggae beats. Rebelution formed in 2004 when four college students in Santa Barbara began playing reggae together at parties in Santa Barabara’s notorious party neighborhood Isla Vista. Rebelution has truly embodied the spirit of West Coast reggae, with its four white boys who sing about surfing, girls, and — for those of you aficionados out there – Cali bud. Rebelution’s set brought back the chill vibe to the show that had been lost during Shwayze’s.

By the time Slightly Stoopid made its way front and center, the light of dusk had settled perfectly to illuminate the massive cloud of smoke that was lingering over the crowd. Slightly Stoopid played for over two hours, and included hits like “Collie Man” and “Closer to the Sun.” Looking out over the park, all that could be seen were blankets filled with laughing friends and a dance floor packed with all kinds of people, calmly swaying and smoking.

Barring the weed and the occasionally profane lyric, The Seedless Summer Tour was much like a family affair.

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Slightly Stoopid is soo sikk! I’ve seen ’em live more times than I can count, and they are amazing every single time! I was at the Seedless Summer Tour when it came through San Diego, and I gotta say, I loved having Schwayze and Cisco Adler on the ticket, they deserve some more credit, cause their legit! Rebelution, goes without saying, is amazing. They put on such a solid set, I’ve also seen them a whole bunch of times. I’m really excited about their new cd coming out soon! Overall, best concert I have been to all yearlong!!!

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