Big K.R.I.T – Last King 2: God’s Machine review

Big K.R.I.T has been getting quite a buzz over the past year or so. Appearing on the BET Hip Hop Awards, being nominated for 3 awards including Mixtape of the Year. With his major label debut to come out very soon, K.R.I.T has a lot going for him. Sadly, his newsiest release, the mixtape Last Kink 2: God’s Machine fails to impress. It falls short of expectations, and unfortunately doesn’t deliver.
Last King 2 offers many collaborations, but no substance. A lot of the tracks are repetitive, odd, and sometimes really hard to listen to. The Hip-Hop/Rap genres are getting very stale, and its sad with K.R.I.T’s reputation and talent that he fails to really the listener to bump their head in enjoyment.

However, there are a few enjoyable tracks that were okay and have some replay value.  “Pimps” Remix featuring 2 Chainz & Bun B was one standout on the record. The production on this track was great. Old soul guitar and horn sections in the track are what makes the song listenable. Being a fool for great production, this track was one of the few standouts on the record. Also. “Born on the Block” featuring Killer Mike & Big Sid mix rock riffs and hip hop drums that get you bumping the track loud and bobbing your head. It was a very enjoyable track off a record that didn’t offer anything else like it.

A lot of the production just seems very plain and besides the two stand outs, the music just doesn’t have that factor that gets you talking. Sounds like a bunch of loops were put together fast, and the unnecessary guest spot. Maybe this was just put together to keep the fans hooked till the major label debut comes out? It really doesn’t do a good job keeping someone hooked, rather just gives the listener another underachieving mix tape to just forget.

Last King 2 can be described many different ways, but nothing good will be said. It’s not terrible but its nothing to talk to speak big about. Lets hope that Live From the Underground brings the heat.

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