J. Cole in Montreal: A Night in Photos

Plenty of mixtapes and tracks. No album out. Sold out shows.
J. Cole
That about sums up the buzz around J. Cole. As I’ve said before, rap shows are particularly sparse in Montreal, but when they come around, they tend to gather a solid audience. A 1000-person sold out crowd greeted the North Carolina rapper with cheers galore. I haven’t heard Club Soda get that loud in a long time.

J. Cole
Opening with his verse off of “Looking For Trouble,” Cole did not let up from the getgo. “Higher” had the crowd (literally) lighting up, “In the Morning” had the ladies screaming, and his verse off “A Star is Born” solidified his rise to this point in time.

J. Cole
Along with two keyboardists and DJ, J. Cole had the Montreal crowd moving for nearly two hours of pure rap and hip-hop. No backing vocal track. No auto-tune. No stage gimmicks. Just a man, his mic, and his music.

J. Cole
Full set of photos: jakemullan’s flickr
Partial setlist: J. Cole in Montreal


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