Main Attrakionz – 808s & Dark Grapes II review

The world of Indie Hip-Hop is a land that is becoming more popular then kingdom of the mainstream sector of the genre.  With acts popping up all over and producing quality music, it is no doubt that DIY indie hip-hop & rap is where it’s at. For the Oakland, California natives, Main Attrakionz and their new mix tape 808’s & Dark Grapes II, they secure their spot as one of the top and upcoming artists in the genre.

Saying that this mix tape is unique is an understatement. Listening to this record, you have to really enjoy the lo fi, chill music that comes with great rhymes. There is nothing really hard about this mix tape, but most of it is low key, and very easy to listen to. Lets just say…its ear candy.

The production is very top notch and very clean. Who ever put this mix tape together after everything was done, really did a good job with mastering it. The music is what draws you in. Like stated above, very lo-fi, very chill and down to earth. Its music like this that gives you hope for the genre.  Standouts like “Chosen”,  “Take 1”, and “Perfect Skies” give you an fitting soundtrack to just laying around, or doing something calm.

Again, this is a mix tape that doesn’t offer any clunkers. Though, “Vegetables” is a strange song but the production saves it. It’s a great track to nod your head to.  The hook is a woman’s voice shouting out Vegetables, just strange. Even though it’s strange, it is still a good track.

Main Attrakionz prove that indie hip-hop & rap is for real and not just a gimmick. In a world of fake artists, these guys stay true to the music and put out a quality full-length mix tape. It’s really hard to find quality these days, and it’s sad. The genre needs more music like this. Until then, to find any good hip-hop & rap music, you have to look toward the indie world. They know how to get things done.

808s & Dark Grapes II is now available.

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