Das Racist – Relax review

In previous reviews, this writer constantly said that the world of independent hip-hop and rap is where the genre keeps the pace and produces the better music. When it comes to the trio known as Das Racist and their latest record “Relax”, they keep that statement in the fact column of the debate. Pop this record into your stereo and you will hear something that will have you talking for a long time. Relax is a record that will be replayed a thousand times in one day.

There is no doubt that the trio from Brooklyn, put their work in at the studio because the craft of each track are touched with various forms of perfection. It’s hard to pick a stand out song when the music is produced and written the way these guys did. Its remarkable to find music like this. Very unique production with “Out side the box” type bangers and crafty lyrics that make your jaws drop. Their first single off of “Relax”, Michael Jackson, is a total standout. The beat has you wanting to blast the song to the point of blowing your speakers out.

You can’t deny that these guys are a breath of fresh air. Another standout about “Relax” is the crafty lyrics they put together. How can you not hate the lyrics from the track Shut Up, dude. “They say I act white but sound black, But act black but sound white, But what’s my sound bite supposed to sound like?” Some of the best writing in the genre appears on this record. One more reason why to pick this record up. It is a very rare happening in the genre known for a lot of disappointments and garbage.

Relax is an album to pass on to your friends, acquaintances, family, and even complete strangers. Every fan of the genre needs to pick up this piece of musical treasure. There is nothing in the main stream that can compare to the musical genius of Das Racist. For those who never heard of this pool of talent, this is the perfect record to start with.

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