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D-Sisive – The Busker video

D-Sisive – The Busker [directed by: Dan Jardine]

The circus has left town. I’m home, with nothing but memories. Some will stick forever. Others, I hope will disappear. The circus was fun. We all prefer a certain ring over the others, but we always make the best out of our least favorites.

The lion tamers were daring. The trapeze artists were beautiful. The clowns? Well, they were just clowns. Squeezing into their Volkswagens and driving anywhere they could get attention. Always laughed at. They invite the laughter. They believe the laughter is what keeps the wheels spinning. Nobody wants to pose for photos with the sword swallower, but the sword swallowers are never laughed at. Nobody wants the signature of the flame swallower, but the flame swallower is never mocked. Their lives are risked, but they can never be the face. The clowns on the other hand…They’re the stars! Shining bright. Painted red smiles over their chapped lips and yellow teeth. They’re easily accessible. Not everyone can lick fire. But everyone can giggle and somersault.

The Greatest Show On Earth!

I’m home. With a brand new sword. The Busker. A song produced by Techtwelve, and a video directed by Dan Jardine.

On April tenth I will release a deluxe edition of my most recent LP, Run With The Creeps. 6 new songs. And extended version of The Stranded. A cover of Dee Dee Ramone’s Funky Man, as well as an unexpected/powerful collaboration with Neverending White Lights. Along with the four songs are 4 tape recorder demos recorded in 2008. Brian Wilson recorded minutes after the most important dish washing session of my life. The demos truly represent the beginning, fitting perfectly with Run With The Creeps’ closing chapter.

If you order now, you will immediately recieve a copy of The Busker.

Hope you like.

D-Sisive – Run With The Creeps (The D-Luxe Edition)
Available for pre-order:


The Invisible Man
GG Allin
The Unknown [ft.Birdapres & Cadence Weapon]
The Creep [by.Nick Thran]
To The Moon [ft.Motem]
Orin’s House
The Creep 2 [by.Nick Thran]
Ceiling Fan
The Stranded [extended]
Chest Piece [ft.Muneshine & Adam Bomb]
The Symbol [by.Liz Worth]
Jolly Good Fellow
One Last Dance [ft.Jay Malinowski]

Brian Wilson [verse one|acapella|tape recorder demo|2008]
Brian Wilson [verse one|tape recorder demo|2008]
Radio On [unreleased|tape recorder demo|2008]
Laundry Room [tape recorder demo|2008]

The Busker [part one]
Bang Boogie
Funky Man [Dee Dee Ramone:Hijacked]
A Little Song For You [ft.Matt Brevner]
Don’t Turn The Lights Out [ft.Neverending White Lights]

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