Cut Chemist set to DJ at the U.N. on 4/22 for One Day On Earth premiere

Cut Chemist set to DJ at the U.N. on 4/22 for One Day On Earth premiere

VIDEO: “One Day On Earth Music Video”

STREAM: Cut Chemist – “Outro (Revisited)” (Feat. Blackbird)

After releasing his first single in six years with “Outro (Revisted)”, Cut Chemist gets an invitation to perform at the United Nations in New York in support of the new film, One Day On Earth, for which Cut Chemist compiled a music video for, featuring individuals from all over the world performing their native instruments on the same day. He’ll also be spinning a set of 45s on 4/23 at Bowery Electric.

April 22nd – New York City
United Nations General Assembly
One Day On Earth Global Screening
Official Move Trailer

Cut Chemist has been recording and performing for over twenty years. He
started dj’ing in 1984 and then became a producer in 1994 when forming the
rap group Jurassic 5. One year later he became a founding member of the
Grammy award winning Latin funk outfit, Ozomatli. Keeping his involvement
with both groups in tandem with one another, Cut also created a cottage
industry of critically acclaimed mix cds and remixes. The most successful
being his collaborative ‘all 7 inch’ vinyl campaigns with DJ Shadow which
started in 1999 with Brainfreeze and ended with The Hard Sell which they
debuted headlining the world famous Hollywood Bowl in 2007.

Cut Chemist brought his vision of instrumental hip hop to the major labels in
2006 when his solo debut album The Audience’s Listening was released
on Warner Bros. The title track was quickly placed for the first Worldwide
Apple Nano commercial while the single, “The Garden” became a favorite with
tastemakers and the single “What’s The Altitude” became one of his most
viewed videos on YouTube.

In 2007 Cut Chemist toured this debut album supporting Shakira on her “Oral
Fixation” tour. Cut won over her audience with his innovative cut ‘n’ scratch
audio visual presentation. This is where he records the audience with a video
camera and then scratches the playback, instantaneously. This is something
that no one has ever done in a performance before or since, giving Cut
Chemist the reputation of pushing the boundaries of what a ‘DJ’ can do.

Cut’s history in music garnered recognition from movie director Jason Reitman.
Upon returning to LA from his 3 month tour with Shakira he was asked by
Reitman to make a cameo appearance as the chemistry teacher in the academy
award winning movie Juno, as well as other Jason Reitman productions,
Jennifer’s Body and academy award nominated Up in the Air. Reitman and Cut
have since forged a friendship and have been doing dj sets together for fun.

Cut ended 2010 pushing a new concept mix he released entitled Sound of the
Police, different than the conventional DJ mix CD using two turntables, this
was created live using only one turntable, a mixer, a loop pedal and all
original vinyl pressings which upheld his reputation to be of one of the
worlds most respected record collectors. Cut thought when performing this mix
live it would challenge the contemporary DJ as well as himself. The music
chosen for this mix is driven by his passion for Ethiopian, Colombian,
Sudanese and Afro-Brazilian sounds respectively. Sound Of The Police is still
demanded by audiences worldwide as it displays Cuts unique performance skill
and unique taste for music.

Cut Chemist is now working on some final touches on his follow up artist
album to The Audience’s Listening. This sophmore album entitled Die Cut will
feature a variety of live musicians and vocalists. The first single, “Outro
(Revistied)” features LA underground rap veteran Blackbird. These two have come
together to create a new sound that delivers a much different texture than
his past catalogue. “This song hails not from world rhythms or funky drum
breaks but industrial meets Orange County punk”, says Cut. “Outro” also
features live drums played by Deantoni Parks ( Mars Volta, John Cale, Meshell
Ndegeochello) and LA’s own Lonnie Marshall (Marshall Law, Weapon Of Choice) on bass. Deantoni and Lonnie are featured throughout the new album. This maxi
single is the first look into a new world of music which Cut has taken years
to create. Unlike The Audience’s Listening, the Die Cut LP will offer a much
more collaborative effort from musicians and vocalists around the world. “I
haven’t put a band of artists on one record like this since Jurassic 5. It
feels good to work with different people with different musical backgrounds
to explore new musical boundaries.


04/22 – New York, NY U.N. General Assembly
04/23 – New York, NY Bowery Electric
05/11 – Sao Paulo, Brazil Sonar
05/25 – San Francisco, CA I Love This City Festival

Cut Chemist
Outro (Revisited) Feat. Blackbird
(A Stable Sound)
Street Date: April 10, 2012
Buy it on iTunes

Track List:

Outro (Revisited) Feat. Blackbird
Outro (Revisited) Instrumental
Outro (Dub Version)
Outro (Bonus Beats Version)

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