Rye Rye – Go! Pop! Bang! album review

“Just let the beat bump, and I’m gonna make your bodies jump” exclaims Rye Rye in the third track on her debut album Go!Pop!Bang! Rye Rye accomplished this mission to make bodies jump on each track from her long awaited debut. Go! Pop! Bang! initially was supposed to be released in 2009, but due to unforseen circumstances was delayed until this year. Those looking for old songs that started the Rye Rye buzz (such as the Baltimore club track “Bang”), will have to purchase the deluxe edition.

Rye Rye’s in-your-face attitude and lyrics are partnered with production from veteran producers like The Neptunes, RedOne, Bangladesh, Steve Angello, and Rye Rye’s mentor M.I.A. The album starts off with Rye Rye pulling listeners into an ocean of bass with the underground club track “Drop.” By the third track, the album begins to show elements of pop. Rye Rye’s radio play potential comes through in the RedOne produced track “DNA”. The infectious Eurodance beat melded with Rye Rye’s verses and Porcelain Black’s voice could easily shoot up the Billboard charts with the rest of the pop stars of today.

“Crazy Bitch” brings Akon’s hit-making vocals with a light and airy beat that sounds like the musical equivalent of sipping some lemonade on a beach. The chorus could turn some people off with it’s odd chorus where Akon croons that “She’s a craaaazy bitch/That’s why I love her.”

Rye Rye’s ability to adjust to the various styles of production is to be applauded. Her voice goes from vintage bubblegum pop on the upbeat track about a crush on “Boom Boom” to confrontational and arrogant in the Steve Angello produced “Holla Holla.” The percussion heavy track “Shake Twist Drop” has an Outkast sound to it, and features YMCMB member Tyga rattling off a few verses. Rye Rye’s undeniable ability to be able to rock the foundation in underground clubs becomes evident in “Dance” where she mixes Chicago Juke Music with Baltimore flair.

Rye’s debut serves as her busting in the music industry and showing that she definitely deserves a right to be there. Hopefully, people won’t have to wait as long to see what else this Electrohop MC has to offer next.

By Jessikah Smith

Jessikah is a writer with a passion for music and all things quirky. She resides in the Windy City and has been writing for 12 years out of the 20 that she has been living.

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