Travis Porter – From Day 1 album review

After generating quite a buzz in 2010 with their hit single Make it Rain, the trio, Travis Porter, have finally released their debut studio album From Day 1, featuring the likes of Tyga, 2 Chainz, Mac Miller, and others. The Atlanta-born trio gives us exactly what we’re expecting of them: southern party tracks discussing topics of fornication to getting money.

The familiar, previously-released tracks Make it Rain, and Bring it Back, stand-out and strengthen the album from the outset– the issue, however, being that these tracks were released over a year ago. There proves to be little reliance on these singles, as tracks like Ayy Ladies (ft. Tyga), P-ssy Real Good (ft. 2 Chainz), and Ride Like That (ft. Jeremih), offer fans with newer, club-banger material besides the previous (dated), singles featured on the album. Of the remaining tracks, Ballin, Wobble, and Pop a Rubberband, offer catchy party vibes that keep the feel of the album consistent in its play-through.

Travis Porter’s lyrics are by no-means intended to stimulate any creative thinking (“Shawty goin hard, concrete/ She can shake her ass, one cheek, two cheeks”), rather, encourage sing-alongs; likewise, their production is intended for club-friendly, party atmospheres. The group is proving to  have some success in falling into the party/club rap niche with this album release. Unfortunately, the subject matter and 808 drum claps grow incredibly tiresome and repetitive by the end of the album. In many instances, I was turned off at the blatantly packaged, unoriginality in both TP’s lyricism and instrumental production– both of which seemed all too familiar after only hearing the first few tracks of the album.

From Day 1 is packed with catchy hooks, and party-friendly production that will attract those listeners whom seek this music. The consistent energy and simplicity of the album makes it a great choice for background music at any party this summer. While the album does grow somewhat tiresome in its entirety, it is good to note that there are some indisputably catchy singles that will have listeners bobbing their heads. Travis Porter loses points in originality, but whether you like it or not, you will be hearing from these guys this summer.

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