Fraction + Fresh Kils – Extra Science album review

Fraction and Fresh Kils have collectively worked with some of the most well-known pioneers of hip-hop including De La Soul, Raekwon, Nas, and Redman. It comes to no surprise that their finished product, Extra Science, is both a reflection, inspiration, and ode to the 90?s hip-hop era. These two artists have been putting in work since the 90?s, and their sound remains authentic and true in this release.

Fraction comes correct with meaningful lyrical content focusing upon real life, down to earth issues, while blessing us with clever punchlines and the bars that will have you nodding in agreement. The other half of the duo, Fresh Kils, cooks up the perfect combination of jazzy melodies and cuts, all created and performed himself. Think the smoothness of Dilla with the gritty drums of Preemo.

Extra Science kicks off with the track– ‘Extra Science’ which paints a picture that’s hard for me to put into words… think summertime… Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing”. This is a true standout track that had me feeling like I was on the streets in the mid-90’s. The album suddenly takes a turn in which the following tracks jump straight to the grittier ability of this duo- Enemies Close, and Another One Forgotten amongst others. That’s a Rap stands out as a clear album favourite with 1960?s-style superhero trumpets laced with raw lyrical heat (think Lyrics of Fury meets Daytona 500). The remainder of the tracks speak about the rap game, alongside cultural, religious, and political themes.

Extra Science is an explosive LP that rehashes the 90?s and brings you right back to the roots of hip-hop. Fraction and Fresh Kils are two raw artists that complement one another perfectly. Hip-hop heads will undoubtedly love this album, but this review is for the young cats– after you turn off the radio, start taking notes – Extra Science is a good place to look to.

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