Knife Party – Rage Valley album review

Knife Party is the brain child of electro-rock band Pendulum members, Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen. The Australian duo brings the bass with this collaborative effort. Knife Party has elements of multiple genres in EDM, never staying in a box and bringing plenty of variety. Their four track EP, appropriately titled Rage Valley brings something different to the table in each track that is sure to have people fill up dance floors and rage all over the world.

The EP blasts off straight into an intergalactic force field with the title track “Rage Valley.” Knife Party wastes no time getting the party started with a face paced electro beat accelerating into a huge burst of abrasive EDM fireworks surging through your ears. The best part about Knife Party is that although they have an extremely boisterous sound, their tracks still manage to be melodic and never seem to just become noise. Things get down and dirty with “Centipede”, which begins with a monotone man dropping some nature facts about the centipede before being bombarded by synthesizer and enough bass to rattle foundations if played at the right volume.

A reggae beat coupled with some fitting vocals start off “Bonfire”, when the track quickly builds up into a burst of some bass and then slows down for a little bit of dub. Knife Party switches things up in “Sleaze”, where they decide to go with a feisty Moombahton beat instead of their usual bass heavy tracks. Rage Valley is a nonstop dance party that will have festival goers go crazy when Knife Party plays these tracks during their live sets. The best thing to do is to follow Knife Party’s instructions on this one: “Until they kick us out, people move your feet.”

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