2 Chainz – Based On a T.R.U Story album review

Some albums you just have to take it for what it is when reviewing it. As much as I would like to you can’t compare the Chief Keefs to the Nases of the world when reviewing, or else just about everything would get a bad review. I tried to keep this in mind when reviewing 2 Chainz new album Based On A T.R.U Story, and even with no comparisons, the album Is still unbelievably ridiculously bad. I tried, I really did.

The album begins with “Yuck”, a menacing Lil Wayne featured track. Right off the bat 2 Chainz flow is really awkward, where he drags out every word at the end of his verses, which got really irritating after the fifth time. However, Lil Wayne saved the track delivering clever one liners, that he is known for and flowing with the beat in an effortless manner. After “Yuck” comes “Crack.” In this track, 2 Chainz brags about being in possession of crack, and thinks it’s a good idea to add N’s in between words. “I got that Cr-n-ak” and “B-n-ag” are among some of the alterations he made to words.

“Dope Peddler” is lyrically so bad that it is nearly unbearable. Once again, I knew coming into this that the lyrical content wouldn’t be great, but come on…I mean really? “ I said I pull up to that club like muthafuckin ho you don’t know me/ Most of my niggas got gold teeth /Most of my bitches got tattoos /Most of my niggas think cash rules /And I mess up hair dos like it’s a pair of shoes /And I need a parachute when I’m up there.” The best parts of Based on a T.R.U Story are the tracks that feature collaborations. That is probably why most of the singles from the album are the featured tracks, because even he knows he can’t hold his own.

The Sonny Digital produced “Birthday Song” has an epic trap beat that overpowers 2 Chainz, but when Kanye West gives out his verse, you almost forget its 2 Chainz song. “I Luv Dem Strippers” is nothing more than a good song to mindlessly dance to after getting plastered at a club, but sober it doesn’t have the same effect (check out the number of dislikes on the music video…YIKES). Nicki Minaj’s quirky rapping style is refreshing on the beat, making the song bearable. Mike Posner croons on “In Town” giving us the ear candy of the album with an infectious voice. 2 Chainz attempts to show his soft side talking about crushing and blushing, which is a refreshing break from the incessant talk of “Big booty hoes” on the rest of the album.

The album ends with his single “Riot”, which makes for a good high energy party song, was the first single from the album. All in all, this debut left me wondering what exactly Kanye was getting at when signing him to G.O.O.D music. Maybe this is all a good joke and we are all being Punk’d, but something tells me it’s not.

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