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TingTryer Collective Creates Bedroom Music That Spawns Working With Pete Rock


Group’s Debut ‘Take Me To Your Leader’ Will Be Released On 9-4-2012

“You Need To Buy This Album”—Ill Bill

TingTryer is a collective which consists of members E-Dot (many will remember him from his “HERO” days), vocalist Tia Thomas, producer Michael Bain (who produces for many of Ill Bill’s Uncle Howie artists) and Darp.

The group’s debut effort, Take Me To Your Leader,” was not created to be released. Rather, it was merely a collective of artists creating the type of music they love with no ulterior motives or plans. Soon thereafter, TingTryer’s debut project managed to land on the radar of La Coka Nostra’s Ill Bill who upon being told by the group that the music was created “as a hobby” insisted that the group do whatever was necessary to get others to hear it and be released commercially. The interaction with Ill Bill lead the unknown collective into the studio with Ill Bill and Pete Rock where they collaborated on a track that will appear on Ill Bill’s upcoming LP; this was all accomplished before anyone ever heard a single song from them.

Yet, E-Dot sums up the groups purpose, as he succinctly states “We are in a day and age where talent doesn’t really matter, it’s all about business relationships. We will not and cannot participate in making nonsensical fuckery, my conscience won’t allow me to do that. We cannot and do not depend on cosigns by “stars” to garner attention. We cater our music to those who are aware. We don’t lean on beats from well known producers to get us over, none of that nonsense. We just do us, and I just do me. Look around you, the truth is we are in a state of emergency. The black population leads in almost every fucked up statistic. Institutional racism aside, we’ve got to find a way out of this downward spiral. We don’t need another jingle. We don’t need any more hate. We need truth, love, and people willing to fight for the right thing. We need to stand for something. Take me to your leader; we’ll take care of the rest.”

Tracklisting and credits for TingTryer’s “Take Me To Your Leader”:

1.) “Happyness Of The Pursuit” (Intro)
2.) “If I Could I Would” f/ Tia Thomas
3.) “Shine” (Interlude)
4.) “Good Tings” f/ Garfield George
5.) “Burn” f/ Darp Malone
6.) “Pretty For A Dark Girl”
7.) “Lets Bunn” f/ Garfield George
8.) “Mendacity” (Interlude)
9.) “No No No” f/ Tia Thomas
10.) “Guess Who’s Back”
11.) “Take Me To Your Leader”
12.) “38”
13.) “New Negro” (Interlude)
14.) “New Negro”
15.) “Cabfare”
16.) “Nirvana” (Outro)

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