Sabo & Heartbreak announce Moombahsoul remixes competition


The Moombahsoul Remixes volumes 1 and 2 EPs will include tracks by moombahsoul pioneers David Heartbreak and Sabo and other moombahton notables, along with the best submissions to the Moombahsoul Remixes competition – curated by Sabo and Heartbreak and promoted by Mixmag, Vamos Promo and Biz 3.

Preview and share Sabo & Heartbreak’s first exclusive for the project, a remix of “Moments in Love” by Art of Noise:

Like the Mad Decent x Nadastrom x Sabo Moombahton Remixes EP, these sample-heavy EPs will be released using Legitmix, technology that allows remixers to sell their work without traditional sample clearances, while also getting the artists they sample credited and paid.

To submit your work to the Moombahsoul Remixes competition, visit the Mixmag competition page. Besides having their work promoted by Mixmag, Vamos Promo and Biz 3, winners get to keep 70% of the sale of the Legitmix files of their remixes. A Legitmix file enables fans to recreate a remix using their own copies of a sampled track. If they don’t have the sampled track, Legitmix makes it easy for them to buy it. The deadline to enter is November 21st.


Moombahton innovator David Hearbreak blended soul, hip-hop and R&B samples with moombahton beats to create a sub-genre that brings EDM and urban crowds onto the same dance floor. For his popular Moombahsoul Vol. 1 – 3 EP series, Heartbreak recruited Sabo, Munchi, Nadastrom and Dj Theory among others to “moombahtize” everyone from The Weeknd, to Drake, Aloe Blacc and Tupac into a soulful 108 BPM blend. But because the samples would’ve been all but impossible to clear, he had no choice but to put the EPs out for free on the net.

“Then Sabo and Mad Decent hit me up for a track for their Moombahton Remixes EP,” Heartbreak explains. “That’s when I learned about Legitmix, which allows you to sample anything. So when Sabo approached me to do a moombahsoul project using Legitmix, it was a done deal. Now I’m going to be releasing my sample-based back catalog using Legitmix.”

Sabo, also known for blending soulful sounds with moombahton, continues: “It’s not just about remixers getting to sell their work. Or even that the artists we build on get credited and paid. It’s that everyone wins and sample-based producers don’t have to hide. The music we’re making is music of the future. So why not use technology of the future to release our work?”


Legitmix frees remixers from traditional music clearance concerns by enabling them to sell a “Legitmix file,” which works like digital instructions to recreate a remixer’s work using the consumer’s copy of the sampled tracks – with just a few mouse clicks. Legitmix makes it easy for consumers who don’t own the sampled tracks to buy them, so both remixers and the artists they sample get credited and paid.

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