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Matmos Share “Very Large Green Triangles” Video; The Ganzfeld EP Out This Week On Thrill Jockey

Electronic duo Matmos release The Ganzfeld EP today on Thrill Jockey Records, the first of two releases based on four years of parapsychological experiments that have yielded the most conceptually elaborate yet weirdly poppy music of their career. Intrigued with the ESP concept of the new record, design took the idea of telepathy even further and created the video for The Ganzfeld EP’s “Very Large Green Triangles” which premiered yesterday on Cool Hunting. They worked on the video without consulting the band, counting on psychic cues to guide them. Psychic cues, 70s progressive rock album covers, and 80’s alternate reality science fiction inspired their thinking as they sought to create a beautiful, trippy, fun, energetic and slightly spooky rethinking of the song. The video interprets the psychic session as a full arc from every day details to larger and larger scales of Very Large Green Triangulation.


“a beautifully composed EP, filled with haunting harmonies and an engaging arrangement of test-subject commentary”

– Cool Hunting

In order to facilitate the recreation of the exact perceptual circumstances of the original test subjects who participated in the Ganzfeld experiment, Thrill Jockey has teamed up with Incase to release a limited edition of “The Ganzfeld EP” in which each copy of the vinyl or CD will be accompanied by a pair of Incase headphones and a pair of opaque goggles.

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